March 5th, 2003

(I've tried patience)


Good Calling. Not, generally, as traumatic as it might have been. Started badly, went up, went down, finished on an up. ~smallkittenbounce~

More details when time and energy allows. But.
He's going away. And I won't see him for a month. Naturally, I'm a little upset about this. But.
But when he was hugging me goodbye, *he* seemed upset about it, too.
As if he didn't want to miss seeing me at the next Calling, either.
And he was just being generally affectionate, and volunteering hugs.
I think we need to feed him sugar more often.

And, and, olithered kissed me. ~shakes head~ And I'm sure he wasn't even that drunk...

Tired now, though. But.
Almost as if he actually liked me.
Almost as if he enjoyed being around me.
He said he'd danced with me lots of times. He hasn't, but he has sometimes, and I thought he wouldn't have remembered.
But he did. Almost as if he enjoyed dancing wih me.


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(I've tried patience)

Joy joy.

Well, today sort of disappeared, since wildeabandon finds a) books and b) getting drunk more interesting than spending time with me. (Yes, I'm being unfair; actually it's books, getting drunk and men.)
I don't know how bad this evening's going to be. I'm holding out for a hero to save it for me (however unheroesque a figure he may generally cut) but this may not happen.

~sigh~ Something interesting could have happened today, but obviously, y'know, alcohol and men, yay. So I'm holed up in her room thinking about deciding never to come back to Cambridge. Heh.

And a curse on all these idiots who don't bother explaining their reasons for things to me. If you explained, we could talk. I could explain that you're *wrong*, or at least set about trying to convince you, and then maybe things would be less generally bad. But that would of course involve you not being idiots.

Sigh. One of those days I'd love to finish with someone drawing lines on me with sharp things that's actually going to finish with me in tears on a sofabed. Again.

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