March 3rd, 2003

(I've tried patience)

Morning, technically.

Just agreed to meet aegidian for lunch, which means I actually have to wake up now. Bah.

I was lying in bed thinking this morning, and I suddenly realised what happened this weekend. Everyone else, everything else, just...retreated. Left space for new people, new things. Old things in a new light.
It did take sitting up sharply in bed and thinking "Eeek, there's been no word from wechsler or dennyd all weekend, I hope they're ok" to drive the realisation home. It's been very good to have word from both of them this morning; I can breathe again. ~s~

But, yes. Everything just disappeared for a weekend. that what it takes?
It's a strange thing to think about.

Which I will give more thought to when I've woken up properly. ~s~

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    'Justify My Love', Frontline Assembly.
I can fly!


Their little voices! And and and and Nick, so pretty! And, and, squeak! ~bounces frantically~

I wasn't sure whether or not to go to Electric Dreams tonight, but having watched part of aforementioned Duran video (their little voices!) I know I have to. I need to dance. I'm fairly sure nobody else around here feels like going, but I'd love to be surprised and wrong. ~smile~

And, I love my friends.

And, I feel like making a set of Duran mood icons, but I wouldn't use them. Hmm. May make them anyway just for the heck of it.

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    'Cuts You Up', Peter Murphy.