March 2nd, 2003

(I've tried patience)

Last night, I achieved the impossible...

...I had fun at Slimelight!
No, really. ~g~

Went out to the Dev to meet up with reddragdiva and nisaba, and was joined by a kitty_goth, who managed to talk me into going to Slimelight, only a couple of weeks after I'd vowed never to go back there.
I'm so easy. ~g~
But, amazingly enough, I actually had a really good time. Thanks to Kitty (of course) and the lovely faerierhona, who I finally got to meet, and also androktone and (I think) hamsterhotep and greap. There was much UV shininess, and I spent a lot of the evening both in the Dev and at Slimelight being very kittenish and following the shiny around the room.


Went back to collapse pretty early at kitty_goth's; much thanks for giving me somewhere to stay, as getting home at that time in the morning isn't that much fun even *with* buses and things. ~s~

I wear the proof that I am loved. What else is there?

And now to recover before girlie night out tomorrow night, and The Calling on Tuesday. feanelwa, if it'll still be ok, I'd very much like to take you up on your offer of somewhere to stay...?

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