March 1st, 2003

(I've tried patience)

Wow. That was...hmm. Odd. And, wow.

Overall that was actually a damn good night. Wonderful to see : ladymoonray (thanks for the lift sweetie), swisstone, nisaba, grahamb, reddragdiva, scatterbeetle, childeric, ciphergoth, kitty_goth, ergotia and lilithmagna. If I've forgotten anyone, that's 'cause it's half past four in the morning and I'm tired. ~s~

~wanders over to look in mirror~

I don't know. childeric is, bless him, entirely immune to my blandishments and/or my wide-eyed look, but, well, other people, er, aren't.
~shakes head~ Odd.

There were complicated moments, of course. I've no idea what's happening with [person]; the message is different each time. But we'll see; what was said made a surprising amount of sense. Maybe I've been doing them injustice.
And they did play 'Cuts You Up' by Peter Murphy, and god knows that caused a few moments of angst.
And there was jealousy. But I think I give up, there.

I'll just slip this in here : I do not kiss with my mouth open. This is because I don't *want* to, because I don't *like* it. I thought I'd better point this out somewhere; it's easier saying it here than interrupting someone halfway through. ~g~

But anyway, all in all it really was *good*, and seeing people was *great*, and however complicated certain things were they still gave me happy shivers, and the evening finished in the truly wonderful company of reddragdiva, who was kind enough to, among other things, walk with me to Trafalgar Square and pay for my taxi home. ~smile~ Thank you. ~hugs~

Sleep now, I expect. And tomorrow I shall work on my wide-eyed submissive look, which could already probably be classed as a dangerous weapon. ~grin~


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I can fly!

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And I don't know why I'm awake now, because more sleep would have been nice. But I woke up singing a song I'd written in my sleep about a pig who became a court composer, and a noisy duck. To the tune of 'Long Ago, Prophets Knew' (or 'Personent Hodie').

Which seems an appropriate sort of preface to my saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY, adjectivemarcus!

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(I've tried patience)

~shakes head~

I'm sure this will all make sense at some point.

I'm off to Camden, apparently.
At least I got some more sleep today. ~smile~ I feel less tired, although everything still looks somewhat unreal, but I'm blaming that on other things besides the lack of sleep.

~shakes head again~
Whatever you may think now, you will do it, you know.

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