February 27th, 2003

I can fly!

~bounce~ But, ~collapse~.

I'm *so* tired. Horrible horrible signal failures and fire alerts on the Northern line, left standing around for half an hour or so, very little sleep last night, and so on. But. I had such a lovely couple of days. ~smile~ Thank you to all involved.

And then I came back here to find a note from mum saying she appreciated my efforts to tidy up for her so much that she's left me the Spray album 'Living In Neon', which she wasn't going to give me until I'd done x, y and z things I still haven't done. So, go me, and very much go her. ~bounce~ It's such gorgeous music and so 1982 and so now and, and, and wow. And things.

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(I've tried patience)

Can I have my brain back please? This one's not mine!

...because last week (I think) I expressed my firmly-held belief that, as things stood, I could never consider the concept of being someone's 'slave' as opposed to their 'sub'. I balked at the very concept; to genuinely have no will but that of your master, to willingly choose that situation? No. Never.

As things stood. Things seem, apparently, to no longer be standing that way, although they may well be kneeling *that* way. ~shakes head~

It's not a general thing - it's focused on one person. But every time I think about them in a D/s context, I suddenly realised this morning, it's with me as their *slave*, not just their sub. Bizarre. I've no idea what it is about them that's different, that makes it more...well, extreme, I guess. (And incidentally, it's not anyone who has a clue that I'm interested in them in a D/s context, so if you're wondering, it's probably not you. ~g~)

Thoroughly odd, though. To say nothing of the fact that someone I'd never previously found attractive recently gave me a Look that sent me flying headfirst into subspace and now I can't stop thinking about them. asrana, stop giggling at the back there, it's still not funny...really...~g~


Please say if you'd rather/you think I should lj-cut entries like this. Just because I see nothing to object to, doesn't mean it's not there. ~s~
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