February 25th, 2003

I can fly!

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Barely any sleep, although I feel fine on it, for some unknown reason. Maybe it's a gentle reminder from my subconscious that, where I'll be tonight, it helps if I'm tired at ten, and not left with three hours of brain-whirring before I'm tired enough to sleep. ~g~ Nevertheless, I think I'll try and rest later.

Everyone on television this morning is Australian. ~shakes head~ No, really. They are. It keeps making me jump.

Today is going to go v e r y s l o w l y, isn't it? ~s~

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    Australians. Australians everywhere! Help! Help!
(I've tried patience)

Somebody buy me an apron. Or, well, not.

But I did finish all the housework I was supposed to be doing, even the things I'd forgotten, *and* I got some sleep.
Admittedly - and this is such a beautiful testament to how utterly fucking weird I am - I only managed to motivate myself to do said housework by pretending I'd been ordered to by someone who wouldn't do that in a million years. Ah, imagination - such a wonderful thing. ~amused~ Well, it worked, anyway.

So, mum should be here very soon, and then it's to my singing lesson, then off to Cambridge. wechsler this evening, then tomorrow I shall meet wildeabandon for coffee and then head off to see dennyd. Oh this jet-setting life. ~g~

~shakes head~ I can't *believe* I had to pretend that. Oh well. One day it will happen for real. Oh yes, it will - nobody I want that much can get away from me forever. ~grin~

Ahem. Anyway...

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    'One Way Or Another', Blondie. ~grin~ Really.