February 4th, 2003

I can fly!


...was all sleepy until dennyd drew my attention to a post of wechsler's. Then I suddenly realised it was Tuesday, and - Calling! Calling! Bounce! Bounce! Calling! Dancing! Bounce! Pretty! Bounce!

Ahem. That was all I had to say. Oh, except that I love dennyd, and wechsler, and many other lovely people besides.

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(I've tried patience)

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I wish I hadn't asked you. I wish you hadn't told me. I wish I hadn't wanted so badly to know. I wish I'd never seen or thought or imagined or talked with or touched.
I know I'm good, but I think this one's beyond even *my* extraordinary capabilities. ~g~
Yes. I wish I'd never asked.
But more than that I wish I hadn't known already.


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