February 3rd, 2003

(I've tried patience)

So, a weekend then?

Friday I was visited by a dennyd (eventually - the trains were a mess, of course) and then escorted by him to pick up a dj_pooka from the pub that he'd been kind enough to find and hang out in while I was holding onto dennyd to make sure he didn't get away.
There was music at my house and it was a Good Thing. We then headed out to Full Tilt, which was...Full Tilt. Only it wasn't, quite, but never mind. I should have known. Still, they played good things most of the night, including Rammstein's 'Engel', which I think I might have to persuade someone to request tomorrow, just because. ~grin~

Saturday...well, I didn't get to sleep until five in the morning. And then I had to be up again at ten to go to work, while dj_pooka wandered off around London. Work was very very silly, and I spent four hours picking up bits of foam and carrying them around. Really.
The rest of Saturday was spent curled up on the sofa, until we headed out to Stretched at the Purple Turtle, but as with that time in Cyberdog, they played something shattering and I broke. We were both tired anyway so we just went home.

Sunday - cuddling, Camden, home, Eddie Izzard, more cuddling, and then *ahem* playing. If you see me any time soon you'll see the scratches, so I shan't go into detail. ~smile~ But I saw myself in a mirror before I went to sleep and I thought "Wow. Right now, I'm beautiful." So, er, more of you have to play with me so I feel that way more often. 's just logic. ~grin~

Oh, and I ran into a moomintroll in Camden, which was good, and I was very glad to hear that childeric's birthday things were good. ~many hugs~ to all concerned, I do so wish I could have been there.

Up early this morning for the cleaning lady, and dj_pooka headed off around midday, and I collapsed back into sleep for a couple of hours. And soon I shall be making my way to Milton Keynes to see dennyd before going up to Cambridge with him tomorrow. wechsler, shall I just meet you at The Calling, then, or...?

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