February 1st, 2003


'm *not* 'wake...

More later. Suffice to say that last night they managed to play 'Head Like A Hole', 'Once In A Lifetime' (though no Apop this time), and I know there was something else that made me think of people who weren't there. I wish they'd stop doing that.

And also, we found the identity of one of the songs! Well, dj_pooka did, 'cause he's good like that. Unfortunately the identity of the other song got lost to a pinball machine, but we'll see if dennyd can help me next time he comes down.

And I'm only awake because I have to go to work and it's not fair. Hmph.

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    'Smack My Bitch Up', The Prodigy. Waking me up. Slowly.
I can fly!

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~pokes head round door~
Would you stop doing that? I keep forgetting and then you do that and then I have to remember to think about what I'm writing!
(All I have time for right now, to sulk at a small goth. My life is fun. ~g~)

~runs off again~

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    I've no idea. But the bassline is nice. :)