January 3rd, 2003

(I've tried patience)


I was saying yesterday morning how I wished I could be happy again. Some time in the early hours of this morning, I realised that I was.
It's...fading, but every now and again a memory will flicker across my mental path and I'll smile.

~blinks at user info~ ~blinks again~ Oh. ~bites lip~
Well, that's yet another reason to be careful what I say on LJ, I suppose. ~grin~
...oh. ~kitten scampers off after fleeing coherence~

Yesterday was, this morning was, wonderful. Beautiful. Right, in many ways. It...mended several of the gaping holes in my life. No - really. And I feel pretty good today. And it's been interesting.
Thank you, Dominic. You're great. ~nods~ It's been a very good thing getting back in touch with you.

~hugs to dennyd because I'll hopefully see him later~
~hugs to valkyriekaren - I hope things are easier soon~
~hugs to dj_pooka because he's lovely and beautiful~

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(I've tried patience)


dennyd, Ballroom, bounce!

And stuff. Oh, and I bought records while I was in Sussex, and they're all pretty and shiny and vinyl-y and, yay! (And, er, one of them's 'Doctorin' The Tardis'...~giggles~)

Hmm. I miss Cambridge. I miss Cambridge people. I shall have to see what I can do to get back up there sometime soon. And I should phone K, since I did say I would.
But it's a Friday night.
On the other hand it's likely to be a Friday night that lasts three days. Oh, I hate this, I absolutely hate it. Grrr.
Ahem. Anyway.

Bounce, though. But the happiness is fading fast. As it tends to do.
Why are kitten claws so useless at clinging to it?

Oh, and if I say Russian lesbian schoolgirl pop at you all, does it mean anything to any of you? ~g~

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