November 19th, 2002

(I've tried patience)

Hello! Stuff, and things, and...stuff.

I nearly turned round and went straight back home last night, after a row with my dad that seemed to make no sense at all - in fact for once he eventually acknowledged that it was mainly his fault, so I'm still at home...mum came back today, I made her a cake to apologise for having missed that singing lesson, and it Worked, so...that's good.
The Wigmore (where I'm hoping to work) rang me tonight and arranged that I'd come in Friday, so...that's good.
Tomorrow parents are taking me to see Harry Potter (though yes, I will want to see it again...lots) so...that's good.
I'm then going back to London to spend some much-needed time with a very dear friend, so...that's good.
All in all things are pretty good, as you can see. ~smile~ Rah.

Oh, and ergotia rocks very hard indeed. ~blows kisses~

Oh, and. Do you know how frustrating it is hearing someone you find desperately attractive talking about how hard they find it to believe that anyone could find them attractive, and not being able to tell them that actually, you do, lots? ~sigh~ I'd be tearing my hair out...but my hair's too pretty. ~g~

Anyway, so I'm basically pretty happy right this second, and I thought I'd write and tell you all, because I know you care. ~g~ Or something.

Oh, and excelsis? I love you.

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