October 12th, 2002

(I've tried patience)

It's alive...

OK, now *that* was odd. ~shakes head~ In Taboo, after all the stuff has happened, Boy George has become famous & gone to prison & everything, he & his ex, the other male lead, sing a duet. They look at each other and they sing their little realisation, "It was all, all about you and me...". This is relevant to the last 24 hours, honest, though I doubt I could explain why. (Incidentally, gods bless this fabulous site. Rah. ~nod~)

Anyway, yes, my journal's in theory back. Don't let this fool you. Things are still horribly messed up and wrong for me. Very much looking forward to escaping up to Cambridge - possibly just for The Calling (~crosses fingers & prays to many gods~ It's possible! It's just possible! Ahem.), possibly for a little longer.
I don't want to ask for help & support or anything because I don't know what would help & several of you *have* given support (for which many, many thanks. I love you all, very much.) So this is me not asking. Right? Help. Right.

Anyway. I'd tell you what's been going on but I'm not sure myself.
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I can fly!

Oh, and...

...Exotica's on TV tonight. So I shall watch that (again), see if I can make out more of the plot than last time (unlikely), and mope about how Australia should be less far away damnit.

~s~ Hopeless.

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(I've tried patience)

That snake just wouldn't die, would it?

Watched 'Anaconda', partly to see how bad it was (remarkably but not quite phenomenally), partly to see if Jennifer Lopez can act (possibly, given a better script), and partly to keep awake (ta-da!)...
I wouldn't have described it, as Teletext did, as a "horror movie", though. & it contained the least realistic fake snake ever, apart from those rubber glow-in-the-dark ones they sell at Aquarium shops. ~shakes head~ Just, no. 40ft anaconda? Perfectly plausible. 40ft anaconda rising out of the water to the top of a waterfall, and then getting its head shot through, getting set on fire, and still coming back for more? The Rasputin of reptiles. Stretching belief a little.

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