October 6th, 2002

I can fly!

Getting there...

'Electricity', OMD - but of course.
'Cars', Gary Numan - you're having a laugh.
'Sex Dwarf', Leaether Strip - at last.
'Happy Hour', Felix Da Housecat - just.

I flatly refuse to waste any time getting hold of 'A Little Respect' by Wheatus, on the grounds that it's one of the worst covers ever. Apart from a Wolfsheim song (the title of which I can't currently remember but I'm sure I can find it easy enough) I think that's about it, wouldn't you say, kitty_goth? Or, what have I forgotten?

In other news, I go home tonight (offline from, well, now-ish, until about five tomorrow). I must remember to pick up various things, including David Essex on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and the Stars In Their Eyes celebrity show with Jarvis Cocker as Rolf Harris.

I feel extremely cold and detached. That's ok - it's a way of dealing with things - but it's not how I want to be, really.
Perhaps someone next week can unfreeze me.
Perhaps I won't see them. ~shrug~

Anyway. I think I've found the Wolfsheim song in question, so I'll go and deal with that. And then I should have roughly all the songs I need (along with 'Are "Friends" Electric?' and 'Starsign' of course) to make me really cry.

Life, boys and girls, sucks hard enough to bruise.

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    'Happy Hour', Felix Da Housecat.