September 24th, 2002

(I've tried patience)

Oh, oh, oh!

Right. Collapse )

Lyrics :
It's fucking Morrissey, isn't it? Oh god.

Came home to find a package from blu_dragonfly containing three CDs! Mattie, I love you so much.
Not only is the Laeather Strip cover of 'Sex Dwarf' on one of them, but on another is the live version of 'Jane Says' by Jane's Addiction. And. Oh. ~melts~

And I was about to talk about how much I'd missed pringle. But. He's back. So I won't.


~kittenfrown~ And someone's taken me off their friends list and I can't work out who it is.
On the other hand, someone added me this week & I wasn't expecting it At All.
So that's ok.
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    'Jane Says (live)', Jane's Addiction. Oh. ~happysigh~