September 18th, 2002

(I've tried patience)

Fluff. Fluff, bounce, fluff, fluff, bounce. Fluff.

Yes, I went to The Calling. Yes, Steve was there. Yes, he's excruciatingly pretty - so much so that I couldn't spend too much time looking at him, unfortunately, as it hurt my eyes. About all I can find to say is that his hair is longer than I'd thought. He's just. He. He's just. Not real.

Had developed a stress migraine which refused to go away, but had an incredibly wonderful evening which was mainly spent talking to (& being hugged by) the unutterably lovely & beautiful aiwendel and olithered.
Thank you both; you made the night. I love you both lots & lots. & lots. ~smile~

~fluff~ Hugs. Hugs are good. Staring up at a beautiful man in the half-light in the corner of a club is also good. Bounce.
Though I managed not to collapse, even without the aid of metal ropes attaching me to the ceiling. ~grin~

Was very very sorry not to see Raven & I hope someone will say to him from me all the things I'd have said if I'd had the chance. ~sigh~

& then came back to London today, which has been spent in the company of asrana & aegidian. They've gone out to supper with the kids but will be over here again later for hugs and...things. ~bounce, fluff~

& I just got a text message from pringle. ~fluff~ He's missed, but. He's thinking of me at least. ~smile~

I really can't thank olithered & aiwendel enough (I shall have to think of something...) I can't remember the last time I felt more as though I was genuinely wanted around. ~love~ ~bounce~ ~love~

~kitten bounces once or twice & then disappears in a pile of fluff~

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