September 16th, 2002

(I've tried patience)

Swings, roundabouts, bungee jumpers and random Canadians.

I just opened 'Hot Tickets' at the back page and discovered an advert saying that the Cirque Du Soleil are bringing back their utterly wonderful show 'Saltimbanco' in January. I Have To Go.
(And giolla, so do you, because live it beats the breeches off the video.)

Yay! Cirque are returning! Bringing the inestimable Rene Bazinet with them as well I hope, since 'twas he who inspired my first ever poetry of a more...interesting nature. ~grin~

Ah, I was so innocent. ~halo~

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    Something from 'Allegria' - thanks, Giolla.
I can fly!


I am not calm. I am calm on the outside. If anyone should see me, they'd immediately think 'calm'.
But on the inside I am squeaking, and jumping up and down, and giggling like a schoolgirl, and squeaking more.
And if mum goes out today I shall put on 'Swastika Eyes' and dance myself silly, just to get the extra energy out of my system so I don't behave like a complete nonce on Tuesday tomorrow.
Oh my god, tomorrow?

I am not calm. I will not be calm. I will be squeaking, and bouncing. And giggling. Like a schoolgirl.
Damn it, not like a schoolgirl. Like something else. Because schoolgirls just remind me of...
...I'm going back to bed. ~hides under pillows~


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    'More', The Sisters Of Mercy. 'Cause, y'know. Goth.
(I've tried patience)

(no subject)

[There was an angsty post here. Then I felt better and deleted it. That is why it is no longer here. We apologise for the inconvenience.]
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    'I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea', Elvis Costello.
(I've tried patience)

Er, sorry. I think I needed the extra sleep. ~s~

I am fine now, and yes, I'm still going to The Calling. ~sheepishkitten~ Sorry for the major angst attack. I think it's just going to be like that this month, but I will try to be happier tomorrow.
Thank you [x person] for being so understanding, and nisaba for writing, and, and, and. I seem to have recovered my bounce.
So, ~bounce~. I will be at The Calling tomorrow.
So will the sapphire that lights my skies.
And, well, right now, nothing much else matters.

But I'm sorry if I worried anyone. ~hugs all~ I love you. 'm sorry. ~sheepish kitten~

What noise, incidentally, does a sheepish kitten make? How do you cross a bleat with a miaow?

...I think too much.


I also clicked on my friends list and spilt coke on the keyboard, but that was just 'cause freaky synchronicity things happen sometimes. ~giggles~
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    The same, sung by Frank Skinner.

"The hours go so slowly, and still the sky is light..."

Bored. Bored, bored, bored.
Was making tape of Songs That Remind Me Of Cambridge People but swiftly ran out of inspiration.
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I don't comfort-eat but I boredom-eat, which I suppose people would say was similar, but then, I don't expect most people comfort-eat by half-filling a glass with vinegar and then adding brown sugar to it. I'm weird. (It should be rice vinegar really but we don't have any here. I must get some.)

~sigh~ Bored. Back to killing monsters again, I guess.

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    "But I've waited my whole life for just one....."
(I've tried patience)


So I make a point this morning and like ten hours later, the penny finally drops, with a clang sounding suspiciously like the noise a halo makes when it hits the floor.
~helpless giggles~ I'm incorrigible and sometimes I just love being me.
~grin, bounce~
~waves~ I love You.

I apologise, everyone, for this interruption to your evening's viewing.

Not sure quite what game I'm playing but heck it's more fun than Monopoly. ~grin~
~fluff~ Happy kitten.
Really very happy just now, in fact. ~kittenblushes~

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    'Venus In Furs' - they played it on University Challenge!