September 2nd, 2002

I can fly!

"But he's not my type!"

I've met two guys recently-ish who I've surprised myself by having 'feelings' for, because, as I kept repeating to myself, they're really quite a long way from being my type.
Really quite a very long way from it.
Except that this morning, I was going through my bag of photographs and whilst sorting through them, one of my characters picked up a bunch of photos of my beloved god-cousin Owen and said "Um, you might want to have a look at these..."

Oh, yeah. I have two types, don't I?

D'oh. ~g~

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    'Black-Dove (January)', Tori Amos.
(I've tried patience)

~sigh~ Brother.

It's all gone a bit mad over here in the world of me.
I will, however, still be going to Cambridge tomorrow evening and I seriously hope I'll see some of you there...
...if some of you can persuade certain people to go I shall bounce, a lot...

I'm really, really shattered, but I've got some kind of bizarre momentum going that's keeping me upright. Heigh, and indeed ho.

I love you all.

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