August 27th, 2002

(I've tried patience)

Home sweet.

In London! At last! And look, my very very clever dad has actually got my computer working and everything....

Which sort of makes up for the fact that on the way up here (the first time) today, he drove us into a lorry. We're both fine but it scared me quite a lot...

Thank you everyone who said supportive things to my very panicked LJ entry on Sunday night. What I did most need at the time was sleep, which I got, and someone to freak at, which I will do tomorrow over lunch with my ex and sometime best friend. ~smile~

I'd give you a report of my weekend but I didn't really do a great deal that would interest you lot, save for visiting the Electric Ballroom (without doubt one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, pity I was too exhausted to notice more about it) and Slimelight (let's just not go there, ok?).
It was great, however, to see ciphergoth (very unexpectedly, and bounce, and things), ergotia, lilithmagna, kitty_goth, lolliepopp, aegidian, sashajwolf, jhg, adjectivemarcus, katyha, simondraycott, babysimon, countess_sophia, eather and jackieh - if I've forgotten anyone I'm sorry - and to meet boyofbadgers, atommickbrane, sheridanwilde and other people who I don't believe have LJ identities - at various points over the weekend.
Thank you, kitty_goth, for letting me stay with you.

I've learned an awful lot over the past week. At some point, when I can, I may write some of it down. But at the moment I can't.
And for the next few days I have no choice but to wear the proof of how alive I really am.
Cryptic, me?

I'm going to be horribly lonely tonight, though. ~shrug~ Oh well.

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