August 18th, 2002

(I've tried patience)


So last night I spoke to blu_dragonfly, who just has the. Most. Gorgeous. Voice. Ever.
Oh, and I was just downloading my mail and wondering why it was taking so long when I remembered that she did some stalking for me! ~bounce~ So I now have more pictures. ~checks pictures~

OhMyGod. Mattie? I love you forever. ~jumps up and down~ It's him! It is him! And he's so pretty! And his hair! And his little smile! And, and, and, and, oh!

Um, I'm a little disjointed today...~breaks off to stare at picture~
Wow. Ohhe'ssopretty. ~faints~

Oh yeah, and I meant to post this last night and then didn't. And it's not finished, but hey, it has to go somewhere. Collapse )

And I love blu_dragonfly, pringle and darkpooka very, very much right now.

And, oh. ~stares at picture~ ~shakes head~ God, you lucky Cambridge bastards.
...~faints again~

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(I've tried patience)


Ahem. I'm not stalking. I just happened across some pictures.
~bites lip~ He's just so fiercely beautiful...and, and, makeup. And, oh. Oh.
I'm almost crying looking at how beautiful he is.
How did I miss it like I did?

When will I learn that I'm allowed to flirt back when people flirt with me?
When will I learn that people sometimes mean the compliments they give?
When will I learn that I can dance and not be laughed at?

I missed so many chances. *So* many.


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