August 14th, 2002

(I've tried patience)


...more rehearsals this morning (honestly, if I can't sing them by now, why am I doing a concert?) and then very probably more video-making for asrana.

What an exciting day I have ahead of me. ~s~

What are people doing the weekend after next, and is any of it something I could tag along with? Just 'cause I'll need to do something that could be vaguely construed as fun after this wretched concert...
~cough~ Obviously...if there's a chance I could see some people back in Cambridge...that'd be great...but y'know...
...because, y'know, there were people I didn't see much (or indeed anything) of last time...
...but, y'know. Whatever.

Tee hee. Was just reading fanfic and the words "stupid schoolgirl crush" leaped out at me.
Man, I have no shame. ~giggles~

~blush~ Never mind.

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    'Slave 4 U', Britney Spears. Need to listen to that again.

And your random lyrics today...

...are here.
(First three songs, not the fourth which is hopeless.)

I've no idea who they're by though. ~shrug~

Later : Oh! And here! ~falls over laughing~
Howard Jones was never the world's greatest lyricist, but these are really something special in terms of awfulness.


"If you should go you should know... I love you.
If you should go you should know... I'm here."

-'Electric Blue', The Cranberries
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    'Add It Up', Violent Femmes. Stupid schoolgirl crush. Heh.
(I've tried patience)


Somehow today you're the sunshine. It's light outside but it's brighter indoors with your words and your pretty face sparkling round my room.


It's so damn frustrating when you want to hug people and they're miles & miles & miles away...
~hug~ ~hug~ ~hug~
~sigh~ No, Em...putting it in bold type isn't any more likely to make it get there.


"I'm trying so hard
To be outstanding
To confuse you and make you wonder
Why I am the way I am
And you still haven't noticed me."
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    'Gary Gilmour's Eyes', The Adverts.