July 19th, 2002

I can fly!


Leaving for London at 12 (could someone tell me sometime how to get to the LL, please? ~s~) and...London should be good. And, y'know. Sunday. And seeing giolla on Monday. So, good things. ~smile~ Yes.

And I'm sorry for being angsty last night, I have no excuse, was just tired and stressed. ~s~ So, sorry, all, especially wechsler.

And now I have to make something presentable out of my rooms, because otherwise my parents are going to lock me in the house, apparently. ~shakes head~

Love you all.

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    And still.
(I've tried patience)

Right then...

Ciao, all. See some of you soon...(I will stop bouncing at some point, I'm sure, but...it's been too long since I saw some people...)

And because I won't be near a computer again until Tuesday, happy birthday for tomorrow, nevla. ~smile~

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    And yet again.