July 5th, 2002

(I've tried patience)

Why am I awake at four in the morning?

I shouldn't be, I just shouted "Oh my god, stop being so boring!" at the screen...

I have too much to do, and no coke. ~cries~

"He's always wanted you - didn't you know?
And you're wondering what's on his mind,
He's losing it over you..."

Go away and let me sleep. It's too early/late/early for this kind of thing.

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    Something by Tori, not sure what.
(I've tried patience)

The end is nigh.

So, we have final chapel this morning. (And yes...my school tie is threaded into my collar, because I left the Duran badges I was planning to wear at home...and I have sparkly tights on...my concession to being the official weird girl...~s~)

We'll have to sing 'Jerusalem', and I will cry. We sang it at the leavers' service every year at my old school. As indeed they do here, but it's the memories from my old school that it always brings back.
Then I'm singing later this morning. So, you know. Wish me luck. ~smile~

Incidentally, no more school = no more school e-mail address.
Please send anything to woolf @ mistral.co.uk - should there be anything to send...~smile~

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    'Sugar (live)', Tori Amos.
I can fly!

Thank god almighty, I'm free at last.

School. Is. Over.
Yay! I made it! ~s~

Also yay, I came home to find a package waiting for me - a CD from blu_dragonfly (you have such pretty writing!) - thank you so much!
It's on now, and it's beautiful.
Yay! One I recognise! I'm such a fan of Air...and I [heart] this song.
~squeaks~ Isobel! Isobel! Oh, Mattie, I love you.

My god. School is finished. Never again.


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    I'm not entirely sure as I have no track listing. ~smile~