July 1st, 2002

(I've tried patience)

It appears to be morning.

Monday morning, at that. All set for a week at this place doing absolutely nothing.
Summer Ball this Saturday. Why am I bothering, I wonder. A whole evening of pretending I'm going to miss people I never spoke to while we were in school.
Ah well. I expect the evening will be good, because giolla will be there (hopefully) and after all that makes it good by definition.
At least we may scare Annabel's parents. That would make it worthwhile.

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I have no shame.

This weekend I went and bought 'Hero', from the Spiderman soundtrack, because I think it's an absolutely gorgeous song, even if it is sung by the bloke out of Nickelback who looks like Jesus after a particularly interesting night out.
So, my music-based shame is nonexistent. But I do have a damn good song. So hey. ~s~

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    The above song. Obviously.
(I've tried patience)

I lied.

Retail therapy worked so well that I'm even smiling. Well, retail therapy and Twins, anyway. ~smiles at Twins~ You two cute.

So, yes. HMV have a sale. Got Human League's first album (a recording of 'Empire State Human'! At last!) and Placebo's last album (forgot to tape it off May again before she went home) and 'To Venus And Back' by Tori Amos. Because I really, really want 'Strange Little Girls' and 'Under The Pink' but they're both really expensive. Nobody has copies they could burn me, do they?
I know it's cliched to love her, but she's so *good* that I can't seem to help it.*

So, I feel better. And my list of memorable posts has been updated. And aegidian is wonderful, and so is valkyriekaren.

Sorry to anyone who was hoping they'd seen the last of me for a while...~s~

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(I've tried patience)

That entry made no sense.

So here's another one in its place that won't make any more sense.

Bounce. And indeed bounce. And meep. And possibly bounce.
And meep.
And bounce.

asrana...I won this LJ war.

I'll make more sense next time I post, honest. Er, really. Just be glad I'm bouncing, or something.

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(I've tried patience)


Thoughtlessness is not a virtue.

Nor is waking me up to collect money off me. ~sleepykittensigh~

Still bouncing, though. Because, yay! ~smile, bounce~
Although, you know. I'll need to stop posting as much. Again.
Heh. Let's guess how long that will last?

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