May 20th, 2002

I can fly!

More Bizarre Conversations Of Our Time...

Me : ~walking into the common room~ Nobody watching Sky?
V : No, it's not working.
Me : ~turns on television~ It is, look.
V : I mean the remote isn't working, it's stuck.
Me : ~checks remote~ Maybe it needs new batteries?
V : Oh, I hadn't thought of that! ~leans round the corner to everyone~ The remote isn't broken, it just needs new batteries!
~general sounds of relief from everyone~
Someone : Where would we get batteries from, though?
~general sounds of consternation~ ~sounds of people having no idea where one gets batteries~
Me : ~after a short baffled silence~ Er, I've got some. I'll go get them, shall I?
Someone : Oh, thanks. Hey, Emily fixed Sky!

~whimpers~ I want to go back to where the real people are...

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(I've tried patience)


Something I really hate is when a great many people whose opinions I respect think highly of someone I absolutely cannot stand. Not only does it make me question my own instincts and opinions, which I agree isn't always a bad thing, but it also means I haven't got anybody to rant at about said individual. ~wry smile~

~frustrated sigh~ It's a Monday. Bad things aren't supposed to happen to me on Mondays. Bah.

~blinks~ On the other hand, a good thing has also just happened to me. Thank you. ~smile~

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