May 8th, 2002

I can fly!

Character appreciation and school exasperation, skip at will.

(I take it this is some kind of you-like-me-too-much punishment? Fair enough.)
Last night I watched Kate at his absolute *best*. Sometimes he really surprises me. He coped with so much last night and I was so proud of him. And I hope Roisin has a serious headache, having turned up at just after midnight with a collapsed Midge Ure and expecting Kate to help. Honestly! ~shakes head~ Kate had enough to deal with last night.
Yay Kate! I think he got rewarded perfectly well last night anyway, mind you. ~grin~

Not yay the school, though. My mother's singing at a concert for the opening of this part of the school, in a week and a bit. We'd assumed they'd got pretty much everything organised. Silly us. Now, a poster's just gone up saying "Anyone who can do anything, musically, um, please come and perform, 'cause we don't have anyone!" Which has led to people offering to perform things like '21 Seconds' by the So Solid Crew and the like...all very nice, but hardly the thing the visiting heads of prep schools want to see. ~strained smile~ I don't know whether to try and step in or's not really any of my business except that mum and I are singing in it...

~throws rose petals at Kate~

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Walk on by...

I stole this survey off asrana. It has more than 300 questions. I'm doing it for my own amusement, I'm not expecting anybody to read it, I don't want anyone complaining about how long it is (that's what cut tags are for) and I'll still love you all just as much if you just carry on past this post. OK? Good.

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(I've tried patience)

~points~ ~meeps~ ~points again~
Damn it damn it damn it I can't say anything.... ~bounces up and down in an exasperated/amused/distracted fashion~
Oh god, someone please tell me I have more of a life than this.





Later, and elsewhy : Ok. I'm officially meeping, now. Don't look for me, I'm hiding in a corner. Meeping. Yes. ~nods~ Um. Meep.
Meeping not stopping *any* time soon. Oh no.
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(I've tried patience)

Your help is required... my schoolfriends. No, seriously. (asrana, hush. ~g~)

At the end of every year, the leaving sixth form pull some kind of prank. Of course.
Unfortunately we're all unimaginative people and we've only come up with a few things and, well, to put it briefly, Sara asked me to ask you all if you had any suggestions.

I told her it was a bad idea, but she pleaded. So, um, yeah. Help?


PS Note to self : Must Stop Liking People. Liking People Bad. No matter how pretty they are.
Or sweet. Or cute. Or nice. Did we mention pretty? Why are all the pretty people on LiveJournal?
Sigh. I'm doomed again, right? Thought so.
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(I've tried patience)

Oh, my.

Will spare the public details of the most recent distraction as there is a really really tiny possibility that the most recent distraction may be part of the public, but we are very, very distracted. ~grin~
And then There Was further commentage, and I bounced, and had pictures, and Will Not Like People, because I have Sense. Of course.
Um, am I convincing anybody here? Thought not.
~blinks~ Oh. Oh dear. I might be starting to like the wrong person. I mean, obviously, it's wrong for me to like anybody, but there's a couple in my head and I was expecting to like one of them and, well, while trying not to I seem to have gone too far the other way.
Oh dear.
Er, sorry. ~worries~

So, anyway. Um. Distracted. Yes. If everyone in my head would stop being so darned pretty...
...then I'd probably be sulking, wouldn't I? Ah well. ~g~

I love music. ~cuddles music~ I love Kate. ~hugs Kate~ I love you lot. ~blows kisses at Friends list~
Love. ~nods~

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(I've tried patience)

I want to write.

But I can't, because it's too beautiful to put into words.

Also, I don't know who I'm going to go to sleep as/wake up as at any point tonight because I have four - count 'em, four - couples in my head and they're *all* positively lovely and I just can't *choose*...~sigh~ Another night of confusion awaits, methinks.

Oh, I want to write I want to write I want to write.
My muses are being perfectly cooperative, it's just me that's useless. ~grin~
But honestly, if you could see them, you'd be too busy meeping and wishing you had a camera to be able to write *anything*.
Words are usually my camera. But they're just inadequate tonight.
Usually the way I get around this particular problem is just to live out what I'm trying to write. Unfortunately this is impossible in this case as I can't slip into character as *either* of these people. It just doesn't work. ~shrug~
Ah well. Roisin and Midge need no looking after, I can't be tonight's spectacular, so it's either Steve+Cilla or Kate and his current bundle of trouble. ~shakes head~ Decisions, decisions.

It's ok, everyone, you can relax, I'm going to bed now and won't be posting any more character rambles. ~g~

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