April 26th, 2002

(I've tried patience)

When I said I was ok with feeling alone...

Oh, god, horrible. Half an hour of tears, they just wouldn't stop.

It's not only down to being lonely. It's down to wonderful fucking insensitivity.
MEN! Honestly.

I want to break something, but all I have left is myself.
Oh no, wait...I don't even have that, do I?


Seriously though, I'm fine. I hurt all the time, right? Right. Glad we've got that sorted. So, once you know that I can deal with hurting, it's ok to put my emotions through the mechanical grater, right?
Does anyone see anything wrong with that?
Thought not.
Ah well. 's just me then.
~sigh~ I'm also not being fair. I should just go and curl up, I think.
But I can't even fucking relax this fucking weekend. I'm blaming Cilla. It's all his fault. RARGH.


(Oh, and I bought some music, but it's not important.)
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    Sugababes again.
(I've tried patience)


Normally when I cut myself it's like Norway's efforts in the Eurovision Song Contest - try, try, try, and no result.
Today? It was like the freakin' Red Sea. ~shakes head~ Weird.
And I don't feel better, and my leg hurts, and life sucks.

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    Whatever's playing in the hall.
(I've tried patience)

Ye gods.

What is the point?

I just cannot get anything right. Ever.

I want to go home...

Sorry about all the angst, people. ~s~ I'm going away now, honest.

But...Collapse )
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    'Emerge', Fischerspooner.