April 24th, 2002

(I've tried patience)

Melodrama vs. Meep; the battle continues.

Meep is winning today; this is a Good Thing.
I apologise to anyone who was hoping for days without hearing from me. ~s~

Love you all, and many thanks to sashajwolf and giolla for being generally wonderful and calming last night.

Must. Not. Push. Must. Not.
~hands behind back~
Won't. Won't. Won't. ~bites lip~
Ah, hey. I will, and I know it. ~g~

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    Choir massacring a Benedictus in the hall. Eeek.
(I've tried patience)


OK, own up, who's got my muse?
I started this just a short while ago, inspiration hitting me like a speedboat, and realised it's not really going to go anywhere.
It's ages since I wrote something that wasn't about one of you lot. ~g~ I think it shows.

I swallow, trying to control my reactions, and then he looks up and sees me watching. For a split second I wonder whether to just shrug and look away, but the expression on his face is such an exquisite mix of curiosity, vulnerability and obvious interest that I give in and let myself very deliberately look him up and down, and up again. When I finally meet his eyes, his lips are parted slightly, and it's all I can do not to just march over there; but I have more style than that and he expects more from me.
I shan't, I think, disappoint him.

If I can't do better than that fairly soon I'm going to have to give up on this one, which would be a shame as I rather like the idea.

Sigh. I'm supposed to be typing out documentation for my French coursework; I suppose I should probably do that.

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    Holly Valance again, not that I'm complaining.
(I've tried patience)


...how realising you were frightened by someone's own complete idiocy, and that it's idiocy on a scale that's not likely to be repeated, helps to kick the fear. Yay!
But, total utter disgust at the person for being such a complete prat in the first place. Jesus - if I went around saying to everyone at school, "I'm really into having my skin hacked into with sharp instruments, you should try it, here, look at this pretty knife" I'd have been sent home and shouted at for hours. What a twerp. ~shakes head~

In other news, more yay! I have friends who Understand! Yay!

Oh, roll on my Summer Ball. ~bounce, bounce, bounce~

And, mmmmm...if that Liberty X (which is apprently now their name) video keeps playing on Smash Hits I may have to become re-addicted to music TV...just the way one of the guys loves the camera, moves for the camera, and with the black leather and the coat and the cane and stuff...~blinks~ Ahem. Anyway.

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    This song by Liberty X.
(I've tried patience)

I'm starting to think...

...that I don't care if I wouldn't fit in, I just must go to the next Whitby. Because, this guy? I have *got* to get near his clothes.
I don't care what he's like, but my god, just to touch the hem of one of those...~laughs~ Anyone who's suffering from lack of style, if they'd just come and touch the hem of this man's coat...miracle cure!

And she's *so* gorgeous. And, just, oh.

Wish it didn't have bad associations too. Wish I could crush the jealousy. Wish. Sigh.

Sorry. Will shut up. Have lessons in a minute. ciphergoth, your website is like a black hole into which all my free time disappears, sometimes.

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    'Addicted To Bass', Puretone.
I can fly!


I think I'm falling in love again.
~wistful sigh~

Actually, that's not true. I just think I'm loving someone more than I should - I'm not falling *in* love with them, not yet, though it's a distinct possibility.

But, still. Eek. Enough, already...I mean, this one loves somebody else, as well...~sigh~ Dammit.

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    'Oops! I Did It Again', Britney Spears. Irony duly noted.
(I've tried patience)


~leans head round door~
~pads into room~
~jumps up onto sofa~
~curls up on cushion~
~waves tail~

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