April 17th, 2002

(I've tried patience)

The Sandman hates me...

So the night before last, and the night before that, I have a really very frightening dream, which, thank goodness, I didn't get last night.
Oh, no. 'Cause *last* night I got a forty-foot-long, ten-foot-high Moray Eel. There are not many creatures in the world that fill me with absolute horror and fear, but that is one of them. ~shudder~
I could be terribly Freudian (or something) about it but I'd really rather not be.
And god knows what being Freudian about the one *before* that would turn up...eek.

I'm insecure damn it...don't make it worse like that... ~sigh~ Add that to the charming new character I've had to create (his name's Seb and he's an absolute pain) coming in this morning and saying to me "God, a couple of compliments and you're anybody's, aren't you?"
~curls up on sofa and tries very hard to believe that it wasn't meant~
Not anybody's. Not.

That would be me shutting up now, I think.
Blasted fanfiction. I wouldn't know how that felt if I'd never read TPC. ~curls up even smaller~

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(I've tried patience)


Object of stalkerage is a Goth.
Please tell me how his theme tune in my head became an Apollo 440 song?
Ah well. ~g~

Currently wishing I'd been around to check his spelling and grammar for him. ~grin, laugh, bounce~
Oh well, it beats Ovid.

~bites lip~ Must. Meet. Must. See. Yes indeed.
Apart from anything else, it's difficult to argue with him through a screen...~g~
Or applaud him.

~blinks~ May have two objects of stalkerdom in a few minutes...
OK, this is getting silly. ~bounces around netgoth.org.uk gleefully~ 1) I have found a Micko Westmorelandalike, 2) I have unearthed the mystery man from ciphergoth's Whitby photos (yes, I could just have asked, but where's the fun in that?) - even more extraordinary, he shares a significant interest with giolla - and 3) god, one day I must meet these people.

And now I shall shut up. But it does beat Ovid, and it also beats sitting shaking in a wretched heap, which are sort of my only other alternatives...

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(I've tried patience)

Oh, miaow.

For once the latest stalker object wasn't someone I found on LJ, but he does have an LJ and...oh my, such a pretty pretty picture.

He's also funny, approachable, and taken, though this last is not at all surprising given his almost painful prettiness.

Mother is back! Has spoken to me briefly about the cutting business; consensus seems to be that her gladness that I trusted her enough to tell her overrides her worry and such, now that she's had time to think about it.
God my parents are great.
And she also brought me back chocolates - manons, which are just *so* nice - so, yay!

Oooh. Bounce. Miaow. Latest stalker object and Gulliver know one another. Miaow. Miaow. Miaow.

Pretty pictures. ~smile~

In other news, I am positively *drowning* in adorableness. Watch me fall. ~grin~ Have I mentioned that I like sweet things? Well...

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(I've tried patience)


Well, stunned, is what I am.
Sometimes...all your Christmasses come at once.

When I get over the surprise I will be very very happy *indeed*.
Yes, I know I've been up and down like a yoyo for the past couple of weeks. No scathing comments please. ~smile~ I'm just too happy to deal with them just now...

Miaow? Miaow. ~happy. very.~

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