April 12th, 2002

(I've tried patience)


A recent amusing comment - from the usual source of amusing comments - has just made me spill coke on the keyboard. Thank you, darling.
Obviously not just competing for World's Most Thoughtful Person, but World's Most Generous and World's Most Literary as well. Tee hee.

I, um. I can't actually remember ever being this distracted, like, *ever*, which is pretty impressive for me. I've had moments this morning where I've just wound up sitting in a chair shaking, with pictures in my head that I *know* I shouldn't have there because they're not realistic. ~sigh~ Still...
It's been years - I really do mean a very long time - since my at-home-by-myself-roleplaying actually included myself, apart from in randomly chatting to the Kates and Tanyas of this world. I think the last time was when I was eleven, when I was so crazy about prince Kheldar from the David Eddings books.
Oh, shush, Em. Just...stuff.

And so distracted...~meep~

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(I've tried patience)

Oh, shut up, you ridiculous gnome. ~grin~

He's a gnome! He's a gnome! It's the perfect name...*ahem*

So anyway...

~blink~ ~blink~
You know, I think I've been so worried about how seriously everyone else would be taking this that I've forgotten how seriously I should be taking it. No, really. Which is just...weird. Um. Um? Wait a minute, back up there, what the heck am I doing?
Thought the shaking today was simply due to distraction. Not unrelated, of course, but it seems likely it's more an approaching attack from General Eek. Oh, christ, I could really do without this just now. Ack, yes, even starting to hyperventilate a little. *Bother*. Sigh. Sorry, all.

Anyway, in other news -

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(I've tried patience)


Time for me to be all flattered again...

I adore the internet. The internet adores me.
We have a strange and wonderful relationship.
~hugs the internet~ ~and LJ too for that matter~

~rereads~ Hmm. I think I need coke again....

~bounces~ Or perhaps I'm hyper enough already...? ~grin~

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I can fly!


Things you just don't say, #4173 :
"The one thing I want most in the world is...[insert whatever]"
Now if it doesn't happen then, sigh, and if it does happen, then it's only because I've said I want it.

In other news, names! Names are such great things. I love names.

I also love adorable people. There are many of these on LiveJournal.

Hmm. I think I might actually just go to bed. That way it will be tomorrow far sooner. ~bounce~
Get to meet darkpooka.
Get to spend more QT with wildeabandon.
Get to see giolla, and stuff.
~bounce~ ~bounce~ ~bounce~

Must arrange trip back to ED in near future. Yes indeed.

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