April 10th, 2002

(I've tried patience)


I just can't find words for how wonderful I feel - yes, even though I've got to go and talk to that daft French woman again today.

Apparently it doesn't need to be Christmas or my birthday for people to want to do something special for me. While I find this odd, I'm certainly not complaining. ~smile~ Nor am I giving this life back to the person it belonged to.
Actually I'm even beginning to suspect that it might really just be mine.

Anyone remember this entry?
Three of these have happened, one is definitely going to and one looks set to.
And it's not even my 18th yet. ~g~

Monday night. Three in the morning watching good film with two of the greatest people in existence, and three cats, and really good ice cream. It was so lovely I almost cried, but in the end I saved that for Tuesday. ~s~

I have a cut on my arm - nothing dramatic, but pretty nonetheless - and every now and then I stretch, or catch it on something, and...I don't know.
This can't be right.
This can't be happening to me.

And at the same time it's so right...
...and it is.

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I can fly!


...you don't want to tell anyone, and you just want to curl up quietly with what you know, and smile to yourself, and be happy. And you can't, because everyone wants to know.
And sometimes you want to tell *everyone*. And you can't, because, well, for a start your parents probably wouldn't appreciate it, and then because nobody really wants to know.

~waves hands and makes small dismayed noises~

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I can fly!

Oh, my poor parents. ~g~

My mum's just told me I should get some sleep. I've really worried them by how happy I am. ~shakes head~ Faintly disturbing to think my parents are shocked when I'm anything other than in tears...

No further work today. May well sleep. Am tired. Very.
Feel bad for being unable to help, again. Never mind; the time will come when I shall be able to.

Every separate memory merits so much time spent thinking about it, but I can't because if I think about any of it for more than about ten seconds I can't cope and my brain swerves away from it in sheer self-defence.
~happy shiver~
~happy, generally~

~sudden blink~ What - huh?
Um, apparently someone's bought me an extension of my paid account. ~stunned~ Thank you, whoever you are. I'm sorry if that's been the case for a while and I hadn't noticed - I got no e-mail notification of course, so...

Things just seem to keep getting better and better. ~shakes head~ Weird.

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(I've tried patience)

Um, what?

No, I mean seriously, what? *What*?
Of course, only one of you *knows* 'what', so this isn't going to make a great deal of sense to anyone else, and I'm sorry.
But this is my journal and from time to time I just need to post to remind myself, later, how I felt.
And, um, what?
I appear to be awake...I'm sure this can't be real.

This post brought to you from the floor,


Incidentally the mood icon kitty doesn't look half as shocked a kitten as I do right now...
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