April 9th, 2002

(I've tried patience)


Friday : Evening in London with Father. Fair enough.

Saturday : Panic panic panic panic panic; exam; panic over.
asrana arrives and I drag her into town; while in HMV we see a man who looks very like Jack Fairy from Velvet Goldmine. I want to follow him when he leaves but she won't let me. ~pout~
Nice, though.

Sunday : Game! Game! Game! Bounce! Duran Duran board game 'Into The Arena', which aegidian incredibly found for me, and which we haven't tried to play yet because we were having such a good time talking with him that we spent pretty much all day together. Thank you, asrana and aegidian - was a Good Day. ~nod~

Monday : To see giolla. And his cats.
My Monday was...interesting. Very.
I was in a drive-by reindeer accident!

Tuesday : My Tuesday started out much the same as the one two weeks previously.
It then got even more interesting.
Met up with wildeabandon in London for the late afternoon. Was wonderful.

I am beyond happiness. It's a pretty star I passed on my way quite a few hours ago.

~rereads~ Sheesh. I think it's late. ~g~ Just nod, and smile, and be happy for me, why don't you? ~s~

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