April 5th, 2002

(I've tried patience)

"Pussy-cat's going to London..."

Adam Ant rocks my world. Seriously.

So, off to London today and won't see you until Wednesday - well, apart from those of you who I'll see over the next few days that is! ~bounce~

Saturday : Singing exam. Eep.
Saturday afternoon : asrana. Yay!
Sunday : asrana, aegidian, and my own personal Holy Grail. Yay!
Monday : giolla. Yay!
Tuesday : wildeabandon. Yay!

It's good to be me.
(I wish I could remember what that's from...)


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    'Strip', Adam Ant. Too funny. Really.
(I've tried patience)

Ah. Now I understand.

I think I know where my jealousy went, and how to make sure it never really returns. Just keep hanging around wonderful people.
Relationship-wise (or whatever, really) I find it impossible to be jealous of someone if I feel they deserve their standing. Currently all the people I might be expected to be jealous of for *whatever* reason are just too fantastic for me to begrudge them anything they've got.
Probably sounds *dreadful* of me, but there you go - at least now it makes sense...

So I'll just have to stay around great people. Oh, the hardship...

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    'By Northern Light', Oysterband.