March 23rd, 2002

(I've tried patience)

Oh, it's *such* a short time now...

...before I go absolutely spare and start breaking things.

Don't make me angry.
Just don't.
If you've got something to say that you think might make me angry - don't say it.
Not today.
Say it on Tuesday when I might be less tense.
Then it will probably make me cry, but I'm sure if you were intending to make me angry anyway you won't mind that.

I'm trying to hold it together and I'm trying not to be overdramatic about this - you have not seen me angry. asrana has - probably.
You've all seen me annoyed and aggravated and exasperated and pissed off and enraged and infuriated and once or twice I might have used the 'angry' mood icon but you have not seen me angry and it is *frightening*. It frightens *me*.

So if you think I'm being all melodramatic, fine - just don't tell me so. Leave me alone for a bit until I've calmed down and then come back and tell me you think I was being silly.
If you don't think I'm being melodramatic, well done, top of the class, *take the hint* and don't say anything to make me angry.

Right? Right.

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I can fly!

All men are bastards...

...just some of them are very pretty bastards, which means they can get away with almost anything where I'm concerned. ~wry smile~

I am no longer on point of breakage. Feel free to say whatever you like.

Many apologies to ciphergoth for overreacting hugely - anyone would think I was an unstable seventeen-year-old or something...~g~

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    'Love Me Madly?', The Human League.
(I've tried patience)

Oh, *yay*.

Just, yay. My life is full of good things.
And at least three of them begin with G. ~happy~

Although if anyone has some Kleenex around I'd be grateful, as my heart is bleeding again.
Though *I'm* still happy.

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    'The Day Before You Came', Blancmange.
(I've tried patience)

One day...

...I will learn what I'm supposed to do.
Until then I can only do what I am able.
Surprising as that may seem.

Later : Oh. Right. Well then.
I'll get my coat - oh wait, I don't own one, so I can't have brought one. Then whose the fuck coat is this? Oh, who cares - they won't need it tonight anyway.
It's cold as cold outside tonight.
Still not as cold as it is inside though.

One day I will be good enough to help the people I love.

That's a goal of sorts.

And it sounds better than "one day the people I love will realise I'm fucking fantastic and a good person to come to for help", right?

Ach. Bed, I think.

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