March 10th, 2002

(I've tried patience)

God, it's morning, isn't it?

*So* tired.
Today I will be mostly having Mixed Feelings about London next weekend, apparently. I am very frightened. ~s~
Not sure what's bothering me more; the thought that I might meet some people I've been wanting to meet, or the thought that I probably won't. ~g~
In any case meeting wildeabandon should be interesting and good. ~nods~
Focus on that, Em. Please, please focus on that.

~head in hands~ Argh. I have things I have to do today. Well, sort of. ~s~

"Maybe you could free me, if only I could see you..."

~thinks~ I wonder...asrana, I could make her a tape, what do you think?

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    'Tell Me When', The Human League.
(I've tried patience)

Our house is full of spiders...

...thank god my dad's around to deal with them, or I'd have spent much of the day climbing around the house on chairs like some bizarre Crystal Maze game.

And, er, I adore Tanya C. ~nods~

Oh, and darkpooka - you absolutely have to listen to some of the tracks off the Human League's most recent album. Seriously.
Still thinking about which ones, though.

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    'Ringinglow', Human League.
(I've tried patience)

*So* much work to do this week.

I don't even want to think about it.
So instead, I'm going to think about how gorgeous Tanya C suddenly is again, and how I appear to be falling for Ash, which is awfully worrying, really.
Er. More worrying. I'm having Thoughts. Kill me now. ~helpless giggles~

In the car on the way back here, 'Linger' by The Cranberries came on and I cried; it's one of my Dominic songs (a guy I was in love with who, er, done me wrong, sort of) and it brought it all back.
The level of hurt and anger that it still creates in me is frightening.

Ash and I could have some fascinating conversations.
~cough~ ANYway...

Watching Cleo and Tanya being cute on a sofa is a very nice way to spend an evening. ~smiles~

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    'Love Me Madly?', Human League.