March 9th, 2002

(I've tried patience)

Something else...

...for which I owe adjectivemarcus *many* thanks is a link to the website of dear old Jack Chick (who I previously only knew about through books at my old school). Someone mentioned the Dungeons & Dragons one as being particularly entertaining reading, so I just went to look for myself.
Fuck, it's funny, in a kind of I-can't-believe-I'm-hearing-this kind of way.

"You, who are involved in the occult, think you have achieved power. But you have been trapped in a dungeon of bondage."

It must be very early in the morning/late at night. I'm sure it wouldn't be quite this funny at any other time.
I don't know, though.
Sorry I'm late on the bandwagon, as usual, but hey; asrana might not have seen it...~s~

STOP PRESS : It gets better. Half of my family is Jewish, and this is more than unbelievable. "Make some chicken soup while I call Dr. Levi." Priceless!
"Jesus was NOT just a Jewish carpenter. He is the Creator of the Universe."
"This is the silliest stuff that ever I heard."

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(I've tried patience)


Linear dreams last night = Em *covered* in scratches in morning.
Makes me wish someone was filming my sleep, like in that advert; it must have been a study and a half.
Ow. I hurt all over. Ow. Ow. Ow.
I mean, like, covered.
What the *heck* happened?

Oh, yeah, and it's a lovely day, too. ~s~ Really, really.

Oh, and apparently the word "gazebo" makes me cry now. Which is a pain, given that I have two records by the stupid Italian singer of that name.
I hate having fangirl mentality.

...I mean, like, *covered*. Uh?

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(I've tried patience)

Home again, from the sea....or something.

You are Lestat. The Brat Prince of Vampires. You're great and you know it.

Find your inner vampire.</ul>

But then, we all knew that. ~preen~

What a joy it is to be speaking with wildeabandon again. (I have replied to your brightened my day considerably. ~smile~)

And it was wonderful to speak to blu_dragonfly last night, as well.

And I'm making a tape for wildeabandon today, as well as possibly working on asrana's Instrumentals tape.

So, as Mercury Rev would say, all is dream. ~s~


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"A" tape. Since when did I *ever* make "a" tape for anyone?
~giggles~ Sorry, sweetheart; you don't have to listen to them, you just have to tell me you have. ~g~

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(I&#39;ve tried patience)


Excuse me, coming through, usual business, carry on, nothing to see.
~worship, praise, revere, revere, praise, worship~
And so on.

~click~ ~stare~
Donna, you seem to have an acquaintance who is friends with John Keats. How, exactly, did this happen?
~shakes head~ Some people are too pretty to be real. Truly.

~g~ Oh, and, er, finished two tapes and there will be at least another one - I'm really sorry, wildeabandon...
~shakes head~ I got so distracted by that pre-raphaelite gentleman. *So* pretty. *So*.

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(I&#39;ve tried patience)


Ouch...I'd rather hurt for myself than for someone else...
~meepage. to some extent and for some time.~

In other news, the wretched return key is up to its old tricks again. I want a new computer, or someone to tell me why this one doesn't work.

Oh, meep. Just...meep.
Where's a freakin' time machine when you need one?
I feel...beyond helpless, just *meep*. ~waves hands, expressively but uselessly~

"Why don't you tell it like it really is?
Why don't you tell it like it always is
Before you go on home...?"


Mistress of irritating lyric quotes. ~g~ Worship me, for I can warp the words of even the Stereophonics. Truly, I am god.
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