February 14th, 2002

(I've tried patience)

Oh, it appears to be February 14th, I'd never have noticed...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.

I love you because you make me feel loved and you're always there for me, and you let me love you.
I love you because you're cute and nobody should be able to get away with clothes like that and you've taken the only decent photos of me, ever.
I love you because you're insane, you love toast, and you write fantastic fanfic that makes me melt.
I love you because you're completely wonderful, and just because...oh, I just love you.
I love you because I've never known anyone as completely enchanting who had such a wonderful way with words, and you're beautiful.
I love you because you make me smile, and...Monty Python. Yah.
I love you because you're beautiful and out there and great, and still found time to help me.
I love you because you make me smile and you make me think and you're really sweet to me.
I love you because you've got an absolutely wicked sense of humour and you hate Andy. ~g~
I love you because you listen and give great advice. Thank you.
I love you because you listen to me whining and you often make me think, and because you're just great.
I love you because you're sweet and kind and you cheer me up. Thank you.
I love you because you write wonderfully and you, also, make me think a lot.
I love you because you're you, and because you distract me. ~g~
I love you because of everything that's happened over the past year and a half. I just love you.
I love you because you also give good advice - not always to me, either - and you know your music. ~g~
I love you because of the wonderful, wonderful stories you write, and the thought-provoking entries that are in between them.
I love you because you're you, you're the Nick, and you're just wonderful.
I love you because you're totally great and you make me laugh and you have good taste in guys. Uh, mostly. ~g~
I love you because everything you say makes me happy and you are my VALENTINE and I just love you to pieces and all back together again.
I love you because you're sweet and funny and you know your music, too.

And after this flying festival of sap, I have to go to tutor period and do Latin translation. Heh.

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(I've tried patience)


For a few weeks now I've been watching the quite brilliant series Smallville - you know, the one about Superman's teenage years?
It stars Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor, and G and I had been wondering what else he'd been in, and what he looked like with hair, and stuff.
I actually prefer him without hair. Unless. Of course. He's in drag. Like he is here.
He's the one on the right and he's...just...um...~thunk~

I have officially died. I will resurrect myself in time. ~s~

My parents sent me the funniest damn valentine's card ever. If I'm not going to get any from any secret admirers, at least I get a really funny one from them. Tee hee.

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(I've tried patience)

Tee hee.

Why *ever* did I do that?

Oh, well. Must have been a good day at the time. Anyway.

You wouldn't believe the number of sites that I can't access from here...fanfiction.net, fanficweb.net, and, most baffling of all, now sing365.com has gone as well...I can't understand it...but hey. Such is life in boarding school.

Love you!

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(I've tried patience)


Stupid child. ~slaps self~

God, I hate *hatehatehate* Valentine's Day. I really, really hate it. And it doesn't like me much, either. So that's settled then. Time, effort, whatever, fuck it. I love everyone more than they love me *all* year, but Valentine's Day really brings it home. "In your world I have no meaning, though I'm trying hard to understand..."
And this Saturday I will be mostly...arguing with my parents, tidying stuff, clearing stuff up, more arguing...
God. Sometimes I look at my life and I think, "Wow, it's great." And sometimes I look at my life and say "Wow, why do I bother living this?" And sometimes...I really can't answer that.
Yes, I'm playing in the great sea of self-pity again, but today, I really feel that I deserve it. Sorry.



Later : Er, hello, self? What was I expecting? Eh. I'm such an idiot.
Even later : ~laughs~ That pretty much says it all, really. Oh, who cares anyway? Never mind. ~s~

I'm killing time on Valentine's, waiting for the day to end...
With the happy valentine's song lyrics? Yeah.
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(I've tried patience)


Oh, such a long silence over here.

~cough~ You know...you know a couple of days ago...or was it yesterday? I can't remember. Anyway, you know I said that someone had set off the "You're pretty. So are you. You should have fun together." switch in my brain?

They just....did something....that really didn't help....

And I really want to thank them, 'cause they just made my day a lot better. ~huge grin~ THANK YOU, Random Pretty Gentleman! Yay!

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(I've tried patience)


Yay #1 : It's *such* an arresting image. Actually, at the moment in my head, it's an image that could get them arrested, but then, that's just me. Oh, miaow. *So* pretty. ~swoon~

Yay #2 : Just had a very encouraging talk with the head of Sixth Form, who said many positive things about me, which is always good.

Yay #3 : They've given me my internet back! Which means I have e-mail again, although it's just in time for half term...heh. Still, at least now I don't have to use anyone else's.

So...yay! Wow, what a day of emotional rollercoasters. But seriously, I still want to thank that guy...he's really made me grin my head off...thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Yay! Tee hee.

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    Still the same, but then, I like it. So...yay!
(I've tried patience)

HEY! ~sulks~

Don't take it back! It was a nice gesture! It *was*! Dammit!
Later : Ah, who am I trying to kid? It wasn't a "nice gesture" at all. But it was still cute. And it still put pretty pictures in my head. Darn it all! MEN! Honestly.

Ahem. Anyway.

Oh, and I sincerely hope there's been some "I love you"s said today. I really mean that.
'Cause if you tell me there weren't, I'm going to be cross. Yeah, I know, it's such a threat. But I'm still bigger than you. So. Get on the phone. Now. ~s~

thechaosdiva really made my day. I love you, Claire!

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