January 11th, 2002

(I've tried patience)

It's a really strange day...

...she said, trying to find a way to combine everything she wants to say so that she doesn't post a) too much or b) too many times.

Or I could just tell you to Collapse )
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    Through no fault of my own, 'Starlight', Supermen Lovers.
(I've tried patience)


...I feel better. Again. ~s~
Posts I make on days like these are generally :
1) Overly introspective.
2) Self-pitying.
3) Circular.
4) Cloying.
5) Incomprehensible to most, all too comprehensible to a few.
6) Extremely embarrassing when I reread them.
7) Pointless.
8) An expression of a temporary feeling which everyone takes far too seriously.

I've got to get myself another journal to do that in.

Sorry. And thank you.

And so on, and so on, Lord Of The Rings, Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen, an evening spent with Tasha and Gemma, blah blah friendship blah trust blah blah comforting blah blah Friday night blah blah music television.

~g~ My life is pretty good, really.

And I just would BEG all of you to ignore the previous post. Please please please.

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    'Seductive Barry', Pulp. God, that man's *voice*...
(I've tried patience)

I'm going to be reminding everyone of the meaning of "ignore"...


Never let me near Asda again, my friends. Guess what I went and got? I went and got the wretched Whistle Song....no, G, sweetheart, it's ok, I won't put it on your tapes, 'cause it *is* awful...but...yah. Here it is. ~waves CD~ ~laughs~

We went to see LOTR again...there was one thing I hadn't noticed at all the last three times, and that's that when the cave troll turns up, it is - I love this - it is on a lead. Like some orc a twentieth of its size is going to be able to either a) drag it along if it doesn't want to move or b) stop it from going somewhere it wants to go? I think perhaps not.

'm bored. No, that does *not* mean I'll be indiscriminately posting to LJ about every change in the room's temperature, or whatever.
Not any more. ~s~

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