December 2nd, 2001


I'm back! and SQUEEE! and eep and stuff...

1) Stratford was fun. The plays weren't good, but the acting was.

2) I got whistled in the street by a goth in a pvc shirt! Ahem.

3) Val rocks my world.

4) While I was in Stratford, I found copies of : Ebenezer Goode by The Shamen, Confide In Me by Kylie Minogue, Best In Me by Let Loose, the gatefold of Election Day (YES. I DO need two of them. Um. Um?) and and and AND....Julia Says by Wet Wet Wet. One of my childhood songs. 1994, man. I was little.

5) MEEP. ~looks towards America and FROWNS, dammit~

6), this one's not going up here. Besides, I can discuss it with you when you phone. Let's leave it at ~hugs everyone in the whole wide world apart from five people~ and just...carry on.

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    'Dark Glasses', Nik Kershaw. Yay!
(I've tried patience)


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Speaking of stages and metronomes and Taylor boys humping basses...heh....all I have to say is keep New Year's next year open. London. Bittersweet event. *nudge nudge wink wink* I'll expect to meet you both there. :)

Um, Val? Every time the word "bittersweet" comes up I get San's story in my head...
GAH. Anyway. ~ggls~ So, um, huh? HUH? What? WHAT? Dammit know I love you...what's the deal?

GRAAAAH. Cryptic people. ~rolls eyes~

Why bittersweet? ~looks alarmed~

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