November 10th, 2001

(I've tried patience)

Oh. My.

New John Foxx song with *brilliant* lyrics, of which a few :

"Oh do you get the smell of burning metal,
Can you feel that heartbeat under the sea?
Well it's just me and Oppenheimer waltzing
With crowded streets in Cromer Key,
And all the gold boys in their lipstick and shadows,
And gold leaf on their delicate skin,
Well it can filter through your curtains...
They leave their laughter on the wind."

Oh. Wow. My. God.


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(I've tried patience)

I repeat...

...I love love LOVE this John Foxx CD. Sometimes I really make worthwhile purchases - as opposed to sometimes buying the thing for the hell of it - and this, as with the other Foxx album, was really worth it.


Also, stolen from my love :

four sweets you remember eating when you were a kid:
Flying saucers, those foam banana things, sugar necklaces, fizzy cola sweets.

four silly things that annoy you:
People sleeping in the common room when I want to watch TV, random words like "moist" and "loam", people not giving Keats a chance, fucking REGGAE. ~spits~

four favourite films:
Labyrinth, Hedwig, VG, Wedding Singer.
But after Sunday - SUNDAY I TELL YOU - HP will be up there.

four childhood toys you loved to play with:
Quints, Sylvanian Families, Lego, Barbie. Some things never change. Others, mercifully, do.
Oh, and makeup, which hasn't changed in the slightest.

four favourite authors:
Eddings, Pratchett, Rowling, Gaiman.

four favourite childhood books:
The Arthur Ransome books, Enid Blyton's Five Find-Outers (and dog), David Eddings, and, if you go back to age like two or something, My Day. ~ggls~ I still have it. The pictures are imprinted on my brain. I loved that book when I was two. ~s~

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(I've tried patience)


...I'll let my little kitty icon say it all.

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(I've tried patience)


Me : ~looks at CD case~ ~stares~ OMFG this was released in 1997...How could someone come up with this in 1997? Why wasn't I TOLD? Oh oh oh oh oh oh....~dies~
Chris : because it's you who's supposed to tell everyone else about it?

He's so right. Which means HEY EVERYBODY LISTEN TO ME...

The 1997 album "Shifting City" by John Foxx MUST BE BOUGHT. ~hypnotises everyone into buying it~

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(I've tried patience)

Also stolen from Arii, god bless her website :

Subject: Buffonian Rhapsody
From: "duncan" <>

Dedicated to the lovely Sarah Michelle Gellar and the late great Mr Freddie Mercury (I'm sure even he would've given her one!)

"Buffonian Rhapsody"

This is a weird life
It's my reality
Slaughtering vampires
For the sake of humanity
Somebody dies, a vampire will rise, you'll see........
Merrick first told me this was my destiny. He said:

"Chosen One, play your part.
Knock 'em down. Stake the heart.
Any way you slay them doesn't really matter to me......Buffy."

Xander, just slain a vamp
Put a stake into his chest
Now he's dusted like the rest
Xander, we were having fun
But now I've gotta go out on the slay.
Xander, ooh...ooh
I'm the Chosen One
If I'm not back again this time tomorrow, carry on, while I'm gone
And pretend your name is Nighthawk.

Tonight, the end will come
The Codex never lies, says tonight I'm gonna die
Goodbye to you, Willow
I've got to go
Why did Giles and Angel try to hide the truth?
Xander, ooh...ooh
I don't wanna die
I sometimes wish I wasn't the Slayer at all!

Angel's been knockin' off Drusilla on the side
Scary moose! Scary moose! Better watch where her fangs go...
Don't let any light in. Careful where you're biting me!
Cordelia! (Cordelia...)
Cordelia! (Cordelia...)
This is Angel, say hello
(She wants him so, oh no, oh no...)

I'm just a good vampire, Buffy loves me
(Sure you're a good vamp, killed your own family
Brings a new meaning to "Mum's here for tea")
That was fun. Didn't know
That I'd get a soul.

Drusilla! No!  Please let our Xander go
Let him go, Drusilla!
Oh do let Xander go
Let him go, Drusilla!
(I will not let him go)
Let him go!
(Want to bite him though)
Never never ever let him go, oh no, no, no, no, no, no, d'oh!

Oh Cordelia, Cordelia
Cordy please let Angel go
Cordelia, will you leave the guy alone now please?
Now, please?
Now, please!

So you thought the Anointed would lead me to hell?
So I'm dead? Well I'm back and I'm pretty as well!
Hey, Master!
I'll destroy you, ya bastard!
You ruined my dress
I'm whippin' your ass now, oh yeah....

Ooh yeah, ooh yeah.....

Vampires, ghosts and demons
Monsters from the sea
Nothing stops the Slayer
Nothing ever stops our Buffy.

Oz is in the Dingoes.......!
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(I&#39;ve tried patience)


I can read m/m fic with not a qualm in sight. I can't, however, read f/f or m/f because my brain classifies it as pornography. M/m, however, is not. In my brain. Why? Je ne comprends pas du tout, dammit.

I can read quite happily about boys doing illegal things to one another. Cassie's Remus/Harry fic didn't squick me, nor did her DaisyChain!Draco one. Nor does the idea - ours, collectively - of Sirius/Draco-while-Harry-watches bother me in the least.
But for some reason some stories that could be fairly equated with Remus/Harry, agewise anyway, have just really squicked me a LOT.

I don't understand. ~sigh~

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(I&#39;ve tried patience)

Something Chris said this morning...

...prompted me to get my makeup all in a bag and bring it home and list what I've got. So you can blame him, yeah him, Mr. Black-eyeliner, Black-mascara, Black-nail-varnish and - oh, I laughed - Black-topcoat ... yes that's right, Mr. The-only-makeup-I-have-is-black-I-am-NOT-a-goth ....for this entry. ;-) I can't imagine anyone cares, but it could be fun to make Chris jealous.

Boots No. 7 in Brown/Black
Almay in Black
L'Oreal in Blue. Fantastic stuff.
Revlon in Purple. Doesn't work. Gah.
Bourjois in 'Pine Green'
Boots no. 7 in Grey

Technic glitter stick no. E5 (light purple, wonderful, my current second favourite thing)
Kolor in 'Star' (Silver glitter)
Outdoor Girl trio in 'Java' (Rose, lilac and mauve)
Max Factor duo (sky and sea blue)
Charles trio in 'Les Epices' (dark brown, light brown, brown gold)
Estée Lauder in Green.
Glitz & Glam in Black & White.
Outdoor Girl trio in 'Amazon' (forest green, croquet lawn green and gold)

Eye dust
Max Factor in Blue-Green
Star Gazer no. 15 (Lilac)
Star Gazer no. 16 (Grape)
Star Gazer no. 21 (Denim blue)

Max Factor liquid liner in Black/Brown
Rimmel in 'Gold Mine'. Stunning.
Pot Of Gold eyeliner felt tip in Black. Hopeless. Good for colouring in though.
Bourjois no. 16 - purple, purple, purple. Love it.
Constance Carroll kohl in 'Dark Fern'
Natural Collection in Silver.
Olay pencil in 'Aubergine' (eww...but it's a lovely colour)

Rimmel in 'Smooch' (Mum bought it. ~g~ Rose-colour.)
Bourjois in 'Bleu Saturne' (shimmery blue. My favourite, and no longer available. ~sigh~)
Kryolan Theatrics in Black. (See, I am a goth.)
Spectacular in 'Lilac Spangle'.
Rimmel in 'Purple Rain' (dark, like on the record sleeve)
Bourjois in 'Pourpre Harmonique' (very very dark purple)
Bourjois in 'Violet Jupiter'. (actually pink, but the most gorgeous, and also no longer available.)
Revlon in 'Blood' (Well, yes.)
Stendhal no. 223 (deep red)
Spectacular in 'Galactic Glitter' (nominally green, but you have to crush it first. ~g~)

L'Oreal Perfection in 'Lemon-Cardinal' (Yep. Yellow and red. Truly.)
The Body Shop compact with clear, white, tan and fox. We like.

Hair mascara
Spectacular in 'Star Burst'. Silver glitter which doesn't work. Don't buy it.
Random pink which does work and rocks my socks.
L'Oreal pink. Also fab.

Black-and-orange face paint pencil from Hallowe'en. Also good for Boy George eyebrows.
Look shimmer creme in 'Vienna'. White shimmery stuff which looks kick-ass on lips.
Kolor shimmer creme in 'Bluebell'. Rocks the house.
Star Gazer white-blue-purple glitter which gets everywhere but is just the best. My personal trademark, along with...
Barry M Glitter Dust no. 11 - purple and so, so glittery. Amazing. I adore it. Oh, and -
Barry M Dazzle Dust no. 10 - dark silver-black. Gorgeous.
Star Gazer white pressed powder compact. No self-respecting New Romantic can exist without.

And finally....nail varnish...~deep breath~

Spectacular in 'Cinderella' (Light blue with glitter strips)
Rimmel in 'Gallactic Blue' (Light blue with sparkles)
Rimmel in 'Atlantic' (Blue-green shimmery)
GAP in 'Denim' (...Yes, denim blue shimmery)
Maybelline in 'New Year's Blues' (Dark greeny-blue with green glitter)
Glowing Touch no. 38 (deep blue with silver glitter)
Revlon in 'Sparkle' (electric blue with blue glitter)
Collection 2000 no. 230 (very light blue, very shimmery)
Collection 2000 no. 225 (deep electric blue shimmery)

Rimmel in 'Zeitgeist' (Oil slick nail varnish. Purple under some lights.)
Boots no. 7 in 'Frosted Lavender'. (Does just what it says on the tin.)
Spectacular in 'Manic' (dark purple with silver glitter)
Barry M no. 174 (very similar to the above)
Collection 2000 no. 207 (classier and lighter than but similar to the aboves)
L'Oreal no. 650 (deep purple shimmery)
17 in 'Purple Wonder' (grape purple, very slightly shimmery)
Rimmel in 'Odyssey' (very light, very shimmery)
Kolor in 'Venus' (funky colour-changing light purple shimmery)
Bon Bons no. 39 (teeny tiny pot with dark purple with teeny tiny bits of blue glitter)
Paint And Go in 'Metallic Storm' (dark purple with minute glitter)
JRB no. 177 (dark purple with lots of purple glitter)
Bourjois no. 32 (so pretty light purple with tiny glitter)
Collection 2000 no. 247 (so-light-it's-almost-silver, very glittery)
Secret Weapon in 'Shimmer Lilac' (THE most adorable bottle...tiny, round, indented, SO CUTE. Ahem. Lilac shimmery)

Collection 2000 no. 134 (Pink-red with red and silver glitter)
17 in 'Manic Maroon' (v. deep red)
Miners no. 28 (light red with red and gold glitter)
Revlon no. 922 (secretary red)
GAP in 'Deep Velvet' (brick red shimmery)
Revlon no. 01 (Dark red with red glitter)

Collection 2000 no. 224 (Rainforest green shimmery)
Collection 2000 no. 193 (Blue-green with silver glitter)
Constance Carroll in 'Orion' (deepest green imaginable shimmery)

Les Copines no. 28 (Bright fucking orange. ~g~ Yes I have worn it.)

Kiss Nail Art paint. This stuff is fantastic.
Constance Carroll in 'Onyx'. Black with silver glitter. I love.
Glitz no. 105. The same.

Collection 2000 no. 227 (Very slightly tinted, very sparkly)
Collection 2000 no. 139 (Simple silver glitter)
Revlon no. 75 (dense dark silver with tiny tiny glitter)
Collection 2000 no. 194 (thick silver with glitter)
Revlon no. 902 (Mainly silver but also multicoloured glitter)

Joanna Grey no. 08 (Slightly gilded shimmery stuff)
Glitz & Glam no. 812 (Thick white with mulitcoloured glitter)

Chanel in 'Satellite' (molten gold with silver glitter)
Glowing Touch no. 37 (simple gold glitter)
Collection 2000 no. 133 (similar to the above)
Active in 'Goldshimmer' (thick, and yes, gold shimmery)

No...I didn't have anything else to do...

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