October 30th, 2001

(I've tried patience)

Well...~waves hands around~

Well, this entry was supposed to be one in which I meeped about my dad being a fuckwit and things being generally not fair, but then Smash Hits (of 1982) amused me and Newsround (of today) ran a HP interview feature and I reread a conversation (of last night) and...well. It's not so bad, it's not so bad.

HARRY POTTER! OMG....they ran a Hermione interview and now I think she's perfect for the role...and then...and then they showed one line of Ron talking and I was, like, "YEAH!" and then...oh there are just going to be *slashy* moments! Yay!
And hey, you, I might end up fighting with you over Daniel Radcliffe. ~sigh~

Quote from Smash Hits 1982, which none of you are going to understand :

" I can spot a New Order single a mile off. Just keep an eye out for an expensive-looking sleeve that *doesn't* say New Order anywhere on it and you're halfway there. (We were thinking of doing a New Order poster magazine at one time - it was going to be baked inside a cake and only available to residents of the Channel Islands.)"

Tee hee.

And you like my tapes...(I take it)...yay.

~smiles~ Recorded TOTP2 while I was away and was highly entertained to watch it this morning; finally *finally* got to hear The Passions' 'I'm In Love With A German Film Star' ("It's a glamorous world..." Oh, yes.) and laughed - a LOT - at Tight Fit. I wonder when the world would have realised they were a bad ABBA drag act...

Love you. Very much.

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(I've tried patience)


As my beloved Tris says...

Q! Q! Q!

Meaning, this is something I'll be quoting for many an aeon :

"Shit," Chris said. "I wonder if that was one of yours, or one of mine? I told Justin that the next time he screws up, I get to kill him first and ask questions later."

"I'm sure we're probably about to find out," Kevin said, unconcerned.

"Where's Chris - ? Chris?" Joey opened up the door, and peeked his head inside. "I think we may need your help with the boy."

"Yours," Kevin said, lifting his glass.

"And do you know where - oh, Kevin." Brian was right beside Joey. "Kevin - "

"Yeah," Kevin sighed, hauling himself up out of the bed. Chris was amazed to see how easily Kevin's 'game face' slid into place, when it was necessary, and how steadily he walked, despite the fact that the bottle was more than half gone. "What did Nick do this time?"

"Uh," Brian said. "We stopped them from fighting, but - "

"Great," Chris muttered. "It's the blond leading the blond."

She rocks. Even if she *is* far too cool for me to add to my friends list. ~whimper~ I'm just...shy, me.

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