October 25th, 2001

(I've tried patience)

Thanks, asrana...

current mood: Fucking great, but shattered.

current music: ~grits teeth~ Somebody...is playing...that...that THING...on the piano out there. Otherwise, it'd be "Dream Kitchen" by The Frazier Chorus.

current taste: Bread. All I managed to grab for lunch. Three hours - no, three and a half - of writing. My hand aches.

current hair condition: Down. Ringletty. Cute. ~g~

current dress: Black-and-purple-silver sandals, black skirt, purple top.

current grievance: I haven't done the two things I really should have done - also, I'm going to have to stay up all night. Yes. ALL night.

current annoyance: FREAKIN' PIANO PLAYER SHIT OUT THERE...~sigh~

current smell: Computer room.

current stupid musing: "I wonder who invented this shit music..."
Also : "I wonder what's going on in Neighbours."

current longing: Eh...sorry, but right now it's food, since I've really had nothing today. And more energy. ~sigh~

current game: Writing lyrics out is fun. But exhausting.

current thing I ought to be doing: EEP My English essay for last Tuesday, or beta-ing Victoria's story.

current windows open: Just this one.

current desktop picture: At home it's STILL Zechs & Treize. I must change that to David Sylvian. (Oh, asrana. TOO CUTE! :-D )

current favorite artist: Salvador Dali & René Magritte.

current favorite group: LOL asrana, they meant a BAND! Duran of course.

current book: Eh...what am I reading? I know I'm reading something. Oh yes! Euripides' "Iphigineia In Aulis". (I think it's Euripides...)

current cds in stereo: Upstairs I think "Thank You" is still in the CD player, and the tape of "Guitar-Based Music/Slow Uplifting Stuff" that I've made for asrana is in my walkman.

current dvd in player: Don't have one. Don't want one.

current color of toenails: Normal. I don't bother with that. My fingernails are black with silver glitter, though.

current earrings: Not wearing any! Must remedy that when I go upstairs.

current refreshment: ~sigh~ NOthing. Must get down to tuck shop. Pepperami. Yes. Indeed.

current worry: I'll NEVER FINISH THEM! And what on EARTH are Frankie talking about? WTF is Van Heusen?! WHERE did all the lyrics I saved the other day disappear to???! AAAAAAARGH!

current favorite book: No favourite just at the moment. Harry Potter. Eh. ~ggls~

current malicious intent: LOL Eh...I don't really have one at the minute...unless you count leching over a L5, which I am currently guilty of...but with nothing malicious in mind...honest...

current misguided opinion: ~tilts head~ Probably that Simon ever had sex with anyone from the group. I don't know why I just typed that, but it's staying there.

current crush: ~ggls @ asrana~ Aww, BLESS! Eh...yeah, me too. ~ggls~ AND John. And. Eh. Yes. Midge.

current favorite celebrity: Nick.

current time wasting wish: That I had no more lessons at all so I could do more lyrics.

current hate: Noisy people, tiredness, distance.

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    'Dream Kitchen', The Frazier Chorus.
(I've tried patience)


Dear Katy - Simon's song for Michael Hutchence is a beautiful song and a wonderful tribute to his late friend. I was a fan of his too. I was wondering since the song was actually written before Michael died if he ever got to hear it? Thanks Robin USA

"Hi Robin,I often wonder the same thing, you see I did actually send him a cassette copy of the recording some time before he died but he never mentioned it to me after that. Paula however did hear it I'm sure because she referred to it once in conversation with Yasmin soon after Michael had died. If you think about it, if Paula had heard the song then Michael probably had as well - I'll just never know what he thought of it. luv S"
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    The above.
(I've tried patience)

I love...

...reading 'Nick's' journal.
...being able to sing.
...my band.
...my friends.
...Tasha, who is currently sitting there ------>
...Unexpected sunshine.
...loving things.

I've come into contact with all these things today except, of course, "Fridays". It's been a good day.

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    'Hungry Like The Wolf', Duran Duran.
(I've tried patience)


This isn't going to mean a THING to ANYONE, but...
Tasha (------->) has just informed me that Lostprophets' favourite song is Rio.

I am.


Dumbfounded. Gobsmacked. Knocked for six.

By this information.

I mean - HUH?

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    The same.
(I've tried patience)


...has just suggested that we should have actual, semi-official Duran fic awards.

I say YES! Who's with me? Val?

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    'Love Is The Drug', Roxy Music.
(I've tried patience)

Another one from the depths of Chiriko's LJ...

What's your favorite song with "Sunday" in the title?: "Sunday Bloody Sunday", "Sunday Morning Call", "Tell Me On A Sunday". Possibly.
What's your favorite kind of sundae?: I don't like them.
Is it a sunny day where you are?: Nah.
Have you left the house yet today?: Yep. To go to main school.
Where did you go?: Ritch's study, where I promptly collapsed into a chair and wrote out lyrics for three and a half hours. ~g~
What's something you were planning on doing today but probably won't get around to?: Writing that wretched essay.
What's in your CD player right now?: Duran Duran "Thank You", asrana's "Guitar-Based Songs/Slower Uplifting Stuff" tape.
What sort of decorations do you have on your walls?: Very little atm. Couple of Hedwig posters. Notes from May.
Last CD/vinyl/tape you purchased: Britney's single. ~ggls a lot~ Eep.
Last music you listened to: "Dream Kitchen", Frazier Chorus.
Last show you went to: Probably one of mum's.
Last thing you watched on television: Eh...a bit of Neighbours.
Last thing you ate: Some Doritos. Yay!
Last item of clothing you bought: Fuck knows, I never buy clothes.
Last thing you said: ROFLMFAO@chiriko's answer. Um. What did I last say? Oh - "...and so she said 'best use of household appliances?'"
Last person you saw: Tasha ----->
Last time you felt scared: Eh...earlier when I thought I was gonna faint 'cause I was breathing too deep when I was singing and I was already tired.
Last time you cried: Yesterday.
Last time you said you were sorry: Today.
Last time you got into a fight: Not for a couple of days. (Come on, Annabel, bring it on, bitch!)
Last time you lied: I dunno. Today?
Last person you kissed: ...you know who you are.
Friendly cheek kiss? Mum.
Last time you said "I love you": Today, to asrana, and to Nick.
Last time you felt inspired: This morning when I realised I had three and a half hours.
Last person you emailed: Mum.
Last movie you saw: Hedwig.
Last wish: To meet Nick and tell him I love him. Or something.
Last words: "John...he does love you..."

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    Back to Dream Kitchen again.
(I've tried patience)

Yay! ~bounce~

Apparently, I'm Ron.
I'm also Draco.
And Hermione.
I knew that. ~ggls~

# 1 Ron Weasley
# 2 Draco Malfoy
# 3 Hermione Granger
# 4 Ginny Weasley
# 5 Voldemort
# 6 Bill Weasley
# 7 Severus Snape
# 8 Rubeus Hagrid
# 9 Charlie Weasley
# 10 Gilderoy Lockhart
# 11 Fred/George Weasley
# 12 Remus Lupin
# 13 Neville Longbottom
# 14 Sirius Black
# 15 Albus Dumbledore
# 16 Harry Potter
# 17 Percy Weasley
# 18 Minerva McGonagall

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    The same.
(I've tried patience)



Which reminds me, AndreaTaylorAndreaTaylorAndreaTaylormiaowmiaowmiaow...



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    Singing people over <------there.
(I&#39;ve tried patience)

Playing at selectsmart....

AAAARGH! I'm LOUIS!!!!! ~dies of utter shame~
Mind you, then I'm Lest and then I'm Nicki. I rock. ~g~
And everyone loves Louis, at least.

~ggls~ And I quote :
# 1 Vanyel
# 2 Talia
# 3 Tylendel/Stefen
# 4 Firesong
It got better....I didn't get that total utter fuckwit An'desha until #11....~ggls~

HEE! And once again :
# 1 Lord Havelock Vetinari
# 2 Commander Samuel Vimes
# 3 Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson
# 4 Sergeant Delphine Angua
# 5 Constable Dorfl
# 6 Lady Sybil Ramkin
# 7 Sergeant Detritus
# 8 Willikins
# 9 Constable Downspout
# 10 Constable Buggy Swires
# 11 Corporal Cheri Littlebottom
# 12 Constable Reg Shoe
# 13 Sergeant Frederick Colon
# 14 Constable Visit-The-Infidel-With-Explanatory-Pamphlets
# 15 Corporal C. W. St. J. Nobbs
I ROCK, MAN! ~ggls~ ~bows~ ~waves cane about~ ~giggles MORE~


Who else am I? ~flicks through categories~

~is seriously traumatised~
I do NOT want to admit this.
I'm Skinner.
At least I'm Alex second.
What did I do wrong?

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