October 15th, 2001

(I've tried patience)


...I had a terrible weekend and I'm not feeling too perky this morning, having just hauled myself out of bed, too tired...meh...

But I bought 18 CDs yesterday, so I'm...~shrug~...perky. ~bsfg~

I'll detail them later - chapel awaits, and a very boring Latin lesson.

Oh and I GOT i-D magazine (it's not *in* Heat...gah) and...oh. Just...oh. ~ggls~ I kept opening it and looking and cracking up and worrying people.


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(I've tried patience)

Yes. So. CDs.

Mirwais - Production - Currently on my walkman and sounding ok, not overwhelming. But that could be 'cause Madonna's French is terrible. ~g~ In any case, I bought it for Naïve Song, which is most certainly on it and very good.

Starsailor - Love Is Here - Ahem. ~looks sheepish~ I've been slating this band for months - nearly a year now, actually. Then their last single "Alcoholic" came out and was actually not bad, and I said "oh well, maybe they're not so awful". And James Walsh is *very* pretty. And then...and then. I was in HMV yesterday, and they have listening stations, and I thought I'd just see, you know...and...I stood there crying...it's...beautiful. Really, really beautiful. Apart from the second song having the same beginning as Blur's 'Coffee And TV', all the songs seem to have come at once out of nowhere and out of something that everyone in the world shares. I am very impressed. No more slating from me. Go out and buy it.

Various - Greatest Hits Of The 80s - Well, I said 18 CDs, but in reality 8 of them were in this box which was half-price in HMV. It's not brilliant stuff, but it's a lot of stuff. Tee hee.

Jason Downs - Cat's In The Cradle (Revenue Remix) - Because I love his version of it and I love his voice and I wanted to buy something else. ~g~

King Adora - Vibrate You - Something for my angsty days. In place of Cradle Of Filth, whose album is £15.99 and so I couldn't be bothered.

Depeche Mode - I Feel Loved - Cheap in Woolies. ~g~

Bardot - Poison - Cheap in Woolies. ~ggls~

New Order - Crystal - ....yep. But it's also a very very good song.

Various - Planet Earth - Yes, another 80s compilation that was pretty cheap. It has "Searchin'" by Hazell Dean. I couldn't resist. ~g~

Kula Shaker - Hey Dude - second hand and fabulous. Always loved this song.

East 17 - Let It Rain - extremely second hand, and yes, I do have the good grace to be embarrassed about it. ~s~

Then there were the tapes :

Duran Duran - Duran Duran - Yes. I know. I now have this album, in various versions, six times over. This one was released in Greece. The cover's slightly different. Um.

Erasure - Wonderland/The Circus - I have these, too, but it was a special release with both albums so...

Lush - Scar - The packaging was cool. Ahem. ~ggls~

Bananarama - Greatest Hits - well, it was second hand and...yeah.

And finally...

The Ones - Flawless - I'd like to think I helped it get to number 7. ~g~ I LOVE THAT SONG....

Must now go and hunt for my drama file, which won't be there. Oh, and I've given Nick a journal, but since it's not particularly finished just yet, I'll leave it at that for now. ~ggls~ Oh, I need a life...

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(I've tried patience)

As asrana pointed out...

...this whole thing's been fairly public, so I suppose another dose of public can't hurt it any more.

I never really understood what people meant when they said they were "burned" in love...now I think I know. It's been just that sort of reaction - pain, quick jump back, nursing by myself, but now...

Anyway. That's not the point of this entry. The point of this entry is to say that I really, genuinely never stop loving people and...I wish I didn't sometimes react the way I do and...I'm sorry for how I am and...I'm just...sorry.

The other point of this entry was going to be to rave on about Starsailor some more - my god, they're magnificent - but then I read asrana's journal and it didn't seem very important all of a sudden.

Meh. Want to know what she did.

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(I've tried patience)


I should be really really angry, but I'm not, which is probably a good sign. Overemotional responses tend to screw things up more than semi-detached ones do. ~s~

Starsailor. I can't be bouncy about them - they're not a bouncy band - but they are unbelievably wonderful and I do love them.

Wipe the makeup from your face,
Tie your hair and gently fall from grace
Until I come again
Take the disaffected life
Men who render company ran your life
You could have been his wife

I want to love you but my hands are tied...

At least, that's what I think he's wailing. It seems to make sense.

God, they're good.


Lullaby, stop twisting my words tonight,
If you get high on life, don't leave me behind...
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(I've tried patience)

Thankyou, A Friend Of Chris's

1. Out of all the shades of pink, which one is your favourite? Electric pink - known as hot pink by everyone but me, apparently.
2.What length skirt do you like? I *like* my red-and-black skirt, but long it my favourite; more elegant if nothing else.
3.What hair products do you use? Why does every questionnaire ask this? Nicky Clarke Hairomatherapy.
4.What makeup, skincare, and products do you use? OMG what don't I use? At the moment my favourite thing has to be my Barry M purple glitter though.
6.What's the best thing about guys? ...ehh. They have better hair than girls.
7.Worst thing about PMS? Not realising that you have it, and wondering why you're so fucking depressed and is it time to go back on the prozac...
8.Bra or no bra? I think guys look best without. ~brutally murders pan~
9.Are you addicted to chocolate? Absolutely.
10.Do you think you're fat? Yes.
11.Do you and your friends actually have "slumber parties"? Eeeek, no.
12.Are you ticklish on your sides? Yep. ~ggls~ Very. Just thinking about it.
13.Do you take advantage of being a girl to get free stuff? Couldn't if I tried.
14.Are most men liars? I don't think they realise it, whereas with women it tends to be conscious lying, but yes, they are.
15.Have you been accused of being a slut? Hardly!
16. Do you like getting a manicure? Nah. I can look after them myself.
17.Do you always shave your legs and underarms? Yes. And I wish guys would. ~sigh~ Eeeeeeeee.
18.Is it true that men are naturally better at math? I'd have to say not at all.
19.Is a woman's place in the kitchen? Yes.
20.What do you think of getting pregnant? Unlikely for me, to say the least.
21.Who would you rather be like Britney Spears or Mother Theresa? Fuck. Britney, please! She's a pop star! I don't care what she looks like, she can sing and people listen to her...
22.Do you always say "awww" when you see a furry little animal or an infant? Aww to an animal, eww to in infant.
23.As far as sports go: playing or cheering? Playing if I can, nothing if not.
24.Are you proud of powerful women like Cleopatra and Bloody Mary even though they were mean? Um. I'm "proud" (odd choice) of Cleopatra for being beautiful, not for being powerful. Bloody Mary had no such distinction. ...Cleopatra drank pearls. I can't think of any cooler a cocktail, can you?
25.Clothing: comfort or fashion? Comfort.
26.Do you like getting all dressed up and pretty? Yah, though "pretty" is outside the realms of possibility.
27.Of all the questions in this survey which was the most girly? The previous one, probably.

1. What kind of chair are you sitting in? A swivel chair that's at the wrong height.
2. Do you have a fireplace?: Yep.
6. Do you think French women should just assimilate and shave their legs?: Probably.
8. What do you think about toe socks?: Eh?
11. Does your mother still pack your lunch?: LOL yeah...when the situation's there...
15. What is in your mouth RIGHT NOW?: Nothing but the usual.
18. What do you think about guys who wear nail polish?: Provided they do it right, it's the same with guys who wear makeup. It has to suit them, but if it does....ohhhhh boy.
20. Name somewhere you would LOVE to have sex: Nowhere. ~rolls eyes~ Shut up, Nick. I said shut up.
21. Another place: LOL NOWHERE! I suppose the only place would be my bed...but then I'd never be able to sleep in it again so...eeeeee. No.
22. Another place: This guy needs a life.
27. Have you ever cut your own hair?: No.
28. Has your home ever burnt down?: No.

***What's Your Favorite...***
30. Soup?: Chicken noodle. Ahh, so Jewish.
31. Underwear?: Whatever's there.
32. Opposite (or same, whichever way you swing) sex underwear?: I'm *so* sure you don't need to know the answer to that.
33. Bread?: Really really soft white bread.
34. Cereal?: Lucky charms! ~sigh~ Only in America now...
37. Breed of dog?: Leopard greyhounds.
38. Cheese?: Parmesan.

***Have You Ever...***
45. Run away from home?: Nah.
46. Brought an animal home and questioned, "Mom, can we keep it?": Yeah.
48. Kissed a member of the same sex?: Yes.
56. Kicked someone in the nuts?: LOL Not yet...but I will.
57. Was it intentional?: It will be.

***Almost Done...***
61. Do you ask people things you shouldn't?: Shouldn't from whose point of view? Yes.
62. Do you tell people things you shouldn't?: Oh, yes.
65. When was the last time you went to the doctor?: When I tried to dressing-gown-belt myself into infinity.
66. Why were you there?: See above.
69. What do you think of oral sex?: Eeeeeyach.
76. Do you ever go "commando"??: I didn't know any women did, but apparently Kat used to, so there you go.
77. Do you think bisexuals are "cooler" than straight people?: Er...yeah. Sorry. ~s~
79. Do you IM people or wait for them to IM you?: I usually wait, unless I particularly want to talk to someone.

Oh, by the way - thanks to a Sentinel writer...~rolls eyes~..."dogtags" is in on the RWO. ~head - brick wall - thud - thud - thud~


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(I've tried patience)

~shakes head~

I can't believe what I just read.

~shakes head again~ Wow. There are some really really dreadful people in the world.

Thank goodness for the good souls indeed. Whoa, that was way too clichéd...sorry all.

I'm just...stunned.

Ahem. I was trying to "steal" your boyfriend? *Steal*?

"Rescue", more like.

You knew. You had to know. And still.


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(I've tried patience)


(Rebecca? Don't you dare reproach me for this - it wasn't in the least influenced, ok?)

Suddenly I could see into your head
And everything was clear again.
I could see you reaching out;
I felt when you turned in on yourself.
Painful inversion,
Like birth in reverse.

I think I was trying to knit with a spiderweb,
It stuck to my hands, my mouth,
Sunk into my lungs and caught round my heart
But I still loved you.

So cling to me now, like those white threads tried;
I'm not going anywhere.
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(I've tried patience)

~involuntary giggles~

Oh, I hate when this happens. When I really don't want to like someone, but they're just so funny...

...ok. I hate hate hate his take on life, but my god is he right about the Chicken Song. Tee hee hee....~lots more giggles~

~remembers something and giggles MORE~ Oh...oh dear. Yes, I can see why you might want to do that. (I can give you plenty of wool, my pet, but I wouldn't ever want to deprive you of that...)

This has been another elusive allusive message from

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(I've tried patience)


DD have linked to their own misheard lyrics page on amiright.com - I've always been particularly fond of

Duran Duran's, "Hungry Like The Wolf"
Misheard Lyrics:
Warren you want me, give me a sign
Correct Lyrics:
Woman you want me, give me a sign

and oh look, this one's new -

Duran Duran's, "Ordinary World"
Misheard Lyrics:
Here beside the news of holy war and holy me
Ours is just a little sorrow, John
Correct Lyrics:
Here beside the news of holy war and holy need
Ours is just a little sorrowed talk

"Holy me", eh, Simon? Hmm...Saint Si...we think not.

Oh, and then there's always -

Duran Duran's, "The Reflex"
Misheard Lyrics:
I'll punch that bitch when I find her
Correct Lyrics:
I'll cross that bridge when I find it

YAY DD...sense of humour, boys...impressive...

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(I've tried patience)

I have nothing to do but fill in other people's old surveys...

....pity me. ~ggls~

i am happiest when: there's a really good song playing and other people are liking it too.
i feel lonely when: I think about anyone who isn't me or anyone who I'm not. (It does make sense.)
the ideal relationship would be: ...I don't think I'm particularly qualified to talk about that just at the moment.
favorite movies: Gah, same as usual.
favorite authors: LOL Val, Ailei, Dylan...um, that wasn't what you meant, was it?
what makes you cry: People.
introvert or extrovert: Introvert, though I can talk to people ok.
do you think too much: Yep.
if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be: Umm...in DD's studio right now...in Nick Rhodes's house...one of the two anyway...
famous person you would like to meet: Nick!
do you believe in organized religion: "Organised"???
pro-life or pro-choice: Pro-choice.
are you a vegetarian: Nope.
do you support the death penalty: Um. In principle I support the Americans having it, but I think if we got it in this country it would shock me out of my support for it.
do angels or demons exist: Duh.
what would you most like to be doing right now: Talking to Chris.
do you have any regrets: Many.
sex or love: Meh. Love.
favorite coffee: I don't drink coffee.
favorite scent: Vanilla. (Though chiriko scared me by putting "spandex" in there. ...???!?)
what REALLY makes you mad: Personal injustice.
favorite way to waste time: Reading fanfic, filling in pointless quizzes on here.
if you won $50,000,000 what would you do with it: BUY THE FREAKIN' GAME!!!!! And then I don't know.
what is your best quality: Good listener?
are you currently in love/lust: I. Um. "in love"?? I don't. Know. No. Possibly. I don't know.
what's the craziest thing you have ever done: I don't do crazy things.
any bad habits: Yep. ~g~
do you find it hard to trust people: No.
do you ever doubt yourself: Not really - I know myself pretty well.
last book you read: Down Under by Bill Bryson. Tee hee. Love!
last thing you bought for yourself: LOL some sandwiches...but before that, King Adora 'Vibrate You'. Oh yes!
bath or shower: Bath.
favorite season: Whatever.
porn or erotica: Definitions blur.
what is your favorite flavor: Vanilla!
what is your favorite time of day: Four onwards.
gold or silver: Silver.
what is the lamest pickup line someone has used on you: No-one's ever used one on me, but MAN there are some lame ones out there...
any secret crushes: Not secret ones, n....uh...~realises~ Um. Yes! ~laughs~ But it's a net one, so it doesn't count. ~looks longingly in direction of a really nasty piece of work~ ~sighs~ ...~g~ Tragic.
do you ever feel you are insane: Nah.
favorite style of music: ...oh, I wonder. ~ggls~
favorite film genre: I hate films. Musical ones are good though.
if you could be the opposite sex for one day, would you do it: HELL yeah, though maybe not while I'm here 'cause...people would look at me weird. ~g~
what do you desire most in life: To meet Duran and find love - possibly at the same time. ~ggl~
do you believe in destiny: Uh. Um? Dunno.
is world peace attainable: Don't think so.
city or country: Country!

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