October 11th, 2001

(I've tried patience)


Whatever. I should have been in a Philosophy lesson right now, but unfortunately...

I'm starting to feel like there's no point again. ~frowns~ If the gods are going to cut up my heart into little pieces, can't they at least use sterilised scissors rather than a blunt knife and fork?

Weird bastards. ~s~

Never mind. Before I say this, let me promise you that I Am Not Fishing. I just genuinely forgot for a couple of weeks that I am not worth anything. For a couple of weeks I laboured under the misapprehension that I deserve something resembling happiness, and worse, that I was going to get it. Now I've been reminded that I don't deserve it, and given a right smack round the head to make sure I don't make the same mistake again.

Not fishing. Just can't believe I forgot. ~shakes head~

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(I've tried patience)

Ahh, whatever.

I've said *this* before, too - at least Dominic was nasty. ~g~

Never mind, never mind. Neither of us are about to disappear, but I don't think either of us are going to be doing much talking to one another.

It's funny how when things are a little bit bad, I go to pieces completely, but when things are totally shot to shit, I just wander along smiling and making people laugh and whatever. I wonder why.

Oh, and -

1. My name: You'd rather I didn't say.
2. Where did we meet? Lawrence House
3. Take a stab at my middle name: G....u....would rather I didn't say. Right?
4. How long have you known me? Yep. Five years.
5. How well do you know me? Extremely well.
6. Do I smoke? No.
7. Do I believe in God? Yes.
8. When you first saw me what was your impression? Oh my god, I'm actually in the presence of the girl who's read *all that David Eddings*...
9. My age: 21
10. Birthday: Oh, bugger. 9th of. August. Yes?
11. Color hair: Black. (Dark brown nothing. It's *black*.)
12. Color eyes: Dark brown and beautiful...
13. tall/average/short - fat/average/thin? Short. :-P I love you too. And average.
14. Do I have any siblings? ~sigh~ Yes.
15. (opposite or same sex) Have you ever had a crush on me? Yep. ~ggls~
16. (same sex) Have you ever been jealous of me? ...yes.
17. What's one of my favorite things to do? Meditate! ROFL just kidding. Um. Close your eyes and drift off. Possibly to the sound of Save A Prayer, now.
18. Do you remember one of the first things I said to you? No. I tend to remember the silences more, with you.
19. What's my favorite type of music? You don't have a favourite type, but you've gotten to like pretty much everything on the tapes I gave you.
20. What is the best feature about me? Your sense of humour and your eyes and your hair.
21. Am I shy or outgoing? Shy.
22. Would you say I am funny? Definitely.
23. Am I a rebel or do I follow all the rules? You pretty much follow the rules, because they don't tend to inconvenience you too much.
24. Any special talents? You sing beautifully. And Biology is *fun* for you, which is a talent in itself. And you can work out what the heck cross-stitch is all about. ~shakes head~
25. Would you consider me a friend? Definitely definitely.
I hate question 26. I'm not participating.
27. Have you ever seen me cry? Yep.
28. If there were one good nickname for me what would it be? G.

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(I've tried patience)


...and I though "Burning The Ground" looked stupid!


I don't even know this one. ~sigh~ I'm a bad Duranie.

On a related note, I cannot believe - I simply cannot BELIEVE - that there are (at least) three versions of Violence Of Summer. Now, don't misunderstand me here. I don't mean there are three versions where the vocal is the same and the backing is different. Oh no. The vocal is different on each track.
Simon actually stood there in a recording studio and sang (or talked) that song through how many times???
Oh. My god. ~falls about laughing~ But it's so awful!

Tee hee.

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(I've tried patience)

Come to think of it...

...the words "dirty laundry" and "public" come into mind here...

Anywho. As Mr. Shinoda of Linkin Park says, "What you did to me will eventually be a memory" so..."in the end, it doesn't even matter..."

NEway. Back to ff.net to look for more Mike/Chester.

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(I've tried patience)

Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my GOD!

You...~stares~...you know I...always go on about Ailei and how amazing she is?





~jumps up and down and up and down and up and down and sideways~

I mean it's not...but...it's still...
(Editor's note - it's not actually brilliant. But who cares? Who *cares*?? There's MORE in the world!)

Oh. Oh....

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(I've tried patience)


Oh...I love places like this.

Mage of The Duct-Taped Gerbil Rehabilitation Association of North America (DTGRANA), Mother Emily Woolf

Or, if you prefer - and my favourite so far, without question -
Thighmaster Gardener of Silly Boys and Their Bad Musical Taste, Emily Woolf
Or indeed
Lesser Countess Junior Grade of Woolen Mufflers, Small Kitchen Appliances and Men in Tights, Emily H. Woolf
Or you could call me
Shah Junior Grade of The Institute of Going A Bit Mad in Helsinki, Emily Woolf
I could spend all day here, by which time you'd have to call me
Sheikh of Quantum Leaping, Boxer Briefs and Golf Ball Washers, Emily Wolf Woolf XV
Or perhaps
Alderman of Rickety Foot Bridges, Emily Woolf
Or you could use my official *official* title, which is
Sub Founder of The Mauve Army of Cats, Emily Woolf
Rather than the unofficial official one, being
Attaché of The Rainbow Connection, Emily Woolf
Or how about
Mistress of The Inept Navy of Don Pardo, Emily Woolf
Or even
Sub-Accountant of The Reformed Order of Kicking Oprah's Ass, Emily Toastmaster Woolf.
(Toastmaster??? Well, it's better than "Hannah" I guess.)

Acting Fuhrerin of The Institute for Promotion of Rhinoceroseseses, Emily Woolf, the First Which Beareth Said Name

Tee hee.
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