October 10th, 2001

(I've tried patience)


~cries~ I just had to leave tarnishedhalo.

I *loved* that place.

I suppose my one consolation is that I can go back in June.

~cries more~

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(I've tried patience)

I must get...

...several songs by the Dandys. Every time I hear them after a long time of not hearing them, I realise how *damn* good they are.

~'I-don't-care' Indie dancing~


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(I've tried patience)

~sigh~ Music is so great.

So I'm all miserable - I've rung my dad and told him about Philosophy, I don't think he's best pleased, and that's an understatement - so I go into the common room and flump down on a beanbag and stick Q music TV on. And it's the Turin Brakes, who are like Coldplay with a smile and a decent vocalist. So that makes me sigh and go "hmm, you're quite good really". And then 'Sweet Child O' Mine' by Guns 'N' Roses comes on and...god. That song just has the power to make everything ok again. It has no associations - I've never given it to anyone, and I'm not involved with G'N'R in any way - they're not a band I particularly like, so I don't have to go all "I LOVE THIS BAND" about them - it's just one Very Good Song.

So now nothing matters. ~happy smile~ Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do - this is fucking hard to sing in tune, believe me - do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do, Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do, do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do - Do do do-do do do.....etc.

Whoaaaaaaawhoa sweet child o'mine (do do do do do do do do do do do do do)
Whoa ho ho hoa sweet child o' miyahne....(do do do do do do do)


Sorry. ~g~

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(I've tried patience)

Things are....better.

~snickers YET AGAIN at the title of John's first album~


ANYway. I got resubbed to tarnishedhalo - PARTY!PARTY!PARTY!

Um...G'N'R made someone smile.

Chris is on Y!M.
Alisa was on Y!M.
Shao is on Y!M.
I am also on Y!M.

We had a French play today and OH MY GOD you should have seen one of the actors. Mary-Anne and I - yes, two of us - hung around for AGES trying to think of a question to ask her before leaving in fits of giggles. Oh dear.

I have a new favourite quote! Tim Kessler in today's NME wrote :
"Punk was started in this country out of a clothes shop."

How freakin' cool is that???

I love life. (Sometimes.)

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    'The Celts', Enya, and 'Sweet Child O' Mine'. Interesting.
(I've tried patience)

Oh. Dear. Um. Um?


I'm looking at the picture third from the RIGHT...with the...trousers...oh fuck I love those trousers...but...the one from Save A Prayer is nice too...and the one on the left of that, is, um, well...Robert Smith much?

Oh, John, I love you. ~ggls~

Love. Those. TROUSERS!

Wrote a whole *fanfic* based on those trousers...

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(I've tried patience)

A sigh and a survey...

~sigh~ (See? ~g~) I wish people would a) stop telling me what I should have done to avoid getting thrown out of philosophy and b) stop singing Sugar Ray's "When It's Over". SO FREAKIN' HUMILIATING! Argh.

Now for the survey. I'm bored, ok?!

Your full name:Emily Hannah Woolf. Nick Rhodes. It's not, though! It is now. Nigel John Taylor. And I think Nick should be allowed to get away with that, considering what "asrana" got away with. Fairy nough.
Who named you? Dad. I assume it was one or other of my parents. Dad.
Mom's name: Felicity Lott. The others don't want to say.
Dad's name:Gabriel Woolf. Ditto.
Birthday:19/06/84. 8th June. 20th June. ~shakes head~ So sensitive about their ages...
Age: 17. Younger than John. Hey! Well...well...younger than....than...oh, 41, ok? (Awww....)
Astrological sign: Gemini, Gemini and Gemini.
Sex: Female. Male. Last time I checked... Sure those trousers haven't been compromising your masculinity? Oh, no. I wouldn't let that happen.
Sexual preference: Not at all, thank you. Women, and John. And...? And no one, thank you very much. Nick. -shrug- Just Nick, right now. Awww....
Grade: Irrelevant question for all of us.
School: Roedean. The others...well, y'know.
Ring size:Do you know none of us know?? That's weird. Nick at least should know...Why me? John got married more recently... Actually that's true! Why don't you know? Well, *I'm* sorry, I have more important things to think about!
Height:6'. No comment. (He means "short".) 6'2. Oh, he's sulking now...~ggls~
Hair length: Almost to my waist when it's wet. Average, I'd say. Last week Nick described mine as "Somewhere in between mod and mullet" so... ~shakes head~ You two...
Hair color: Dark blonde. Blond. This week. Dark brown. This week.
Eye color: Blue/grey/green. Green. Brown.
Pierced: Ears. Nothing, thank god. Nothing now.
Job: No. Oh, no. Struggling artist. Layabout and occasional bassist.
Best quality in yourself: Um. Good listener? Oh, god, I don't know. I don't know either. Well, yours is probably your voice and...I don't think the other one's repeatable, actually. Well for me yours has always been that you can make me smile even when everything's all shot to hell, but I don't know if that works on everybody else. ~rolls eyes~ All together now...
Your worst character traits: My temper. Ugh. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful... My tendency to, uh...not work when I should be working and then work myself too hard and collapse. And my neediness.
Your definition of a friend: Someone who listens and then who comes to you when there's something wrong. And hands up who can predict what their answers are going to be? For the sake of predictability, then : John. Nick, but only because it's true.
Your best physical feature: My hair. How on earth should I know? John, by the way, it's your legs. Thanks. Eyes, I think. Or...or everything. Bless...
Color you are most like: Electric blue! I am all colours. Rainbow Nick. ~snickers~ Oh, shush. Sorry, granddad. Leave him alone. Brown or black, by the way.
Celebrity you are most like: Oh, I dunno. Ian Curtis. ~ggls~ ...I think she might kill me if I answer this. Yes! I would! And you've got to stop it right now or I'll be *really* cross! Myself. How true. ~hugs John~
If you were president, what would you do first? If I were *president*, I'd stop the war. Same-sex marriage is certainly one of the first things I'd see to, particularly in America. Make it illegal to be George Bush.
Which tv show would you like to star in? A Question Of Pop. I'd get them right, you know. Being on something like The Weakest Link would be interesting. Oh god...Nick on The Weakest Link...man... I'd like a This Is Your Life on Duran, actually.
How long are you in the shower? Depends who I am. ~ggls~ No...~ggls MORE~...no, you two gon't have to answer.
If you are a girl, what makeup do you wear everyday? Depends. What's this "If you are a girl" nonsense? ~dissolves in giggles~ And I'm back on the eyeliner. ~thunk~ I can't bring myself to disagree there...
What is your worst fear? Humiliation. Getting old. Losing John. Well, once it was being alone, but now it's probably something to do with drugs. ~hugs both - sorry, Nick~
What CD is in your CD player right now? Strange Behaviour Disc 1. Goldfrapp, 'Felt Mountain'. The Strokes, I think.
What does your school look like? A collapsing mental hospital. This question irrelevant for the others.
How many CD's do you own? Just over 100? Hundreds. I keep being given more. Not enough. Every time I get a new one, there's something else out that I want.
How many people are on your buddy list? Y!M there's about 14. Eight. I've lost count.
What's something you do that pisses others off? Try to get them to tell me things they don't want to say. Calling people "dear" has got me into trouble twice today. I don't normally, though. ~stares~ Often. ~shrugs~ Mope. -g- Bless...
Do you have any stuffed animals? Yes, but they're all in storage. Not that I can think of. Several.
Do you have any bad habits? Yes. Probably. Definitely. We're not telling you what they are, though. (Does 'filling in surveys as other people' count?)
What are you thinking at this very moment? That I love Nick and John. That I wish people would stop listening to that Ian Van Dahl song. What, 'Castles In The Sky'? Yes. Don't, please, or it'll follow me around all evening. Sorry. I was just thinking "it's cold".
Time you get up: 7 at school, 6 at home. Nick, shall I just say your own quote for you? ~ggls~
Time you go to bed: 11-12. Invariably later than I promised myself I would. Whatever time *he* does. Oh, shut up, you martyr. ~ggls~
How many pillows: Two. One, and John. Whatever.
TV show you wish they would bring back: Bucky O'Hare, The Krypton Factor, Parallel 9. ~g~ Oh, and So 80s has gone from VH-1! ~pouts~ I don't really mind if they don't bring anything back, so long as they remove all this ridiculous 'reality TV' from our screens. The Saint. Oh, and Whistle Test! SO with you on that. Both of them. ~g~
Phrases you over-use: I'm too tired to answer this one. Sorry. ~weak s~
Who do you want to be? Nick. Myself. Liar. Don't start that again. Oh, fine. I could be really hopeless and say "whoever he wants me to be"... But? But nothing. -g- ~rolls eyes~ MEN! Honestly.
Can you dance? Yes. I don't know, I never have. NO! And proud of it. At least I'm better than Charley.
What do you do when you are bored? Write notes, read, play on Chester. ~ggls~ I don't get bored often. Close my eyes and think about the summer of '77.
Do you like where you live? My home, yes. I don't mind this place either. Yes, I suppose I do. It's ok, but it's not...home, you know?
Do you get along w/ your parents? Not really. Yes. No.
Do you love your parents? Yes, but only because they're my parents and not because they're worthy of being loved. Yes. Yes.
What bugs you about your parents? Sorry...too depressed to answer this. For all of us.
Do you look like your parents? Yep - direct cross. Nobody's ever said it. Must be the makeup. I used to, but not any more.
Do you look like any of your friends? No. John and I went through a phase of trying to look similar, but...no. Not that I know of. No, though you've looked like Tom Cruise, Tom Bailey and Robert Smith...~g~
Do you respect your teachers? Not many of them.
Do you have a car? No. Yes. Yes.
What cartoon character would you be? Ursula from The Little Mermaid...~ggls a LOT~ I've no idea. Any thoughts? Not that I'd get away with repeating. Uh...and I'm...uh...oh, I dunno. Hopeless, both of you.
Most embarrassing CD in your collection: Either Hanson (sorry chiriko), Aqua, or Chesney Hawkes. That would be the Sisters Of Mercy greatest hits that somehow appeared in my collection a few years ago. I still don't know where it came from. ...Britney. Both of them. And Nick, I don't think the Sisters CD is as embarrassing as your copy of that Lieutenant Pigeon song. I'm refraining from comment here.
Most prized possession: My Duran stuff. John and my music. Nick and my health.
You treasure most: My friends. And my Duran stuff. My daughter and John. *My* daughter, and Nick.

Meh. Sorry. Had to cut it short - too tired, too depressed, too nearly 9 o'clock. ~sigh~

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(I've tried patience)

I believe I said this earlier...

..."I'm not important to FUCKING ANYBODY. Fuck you all. I don't *want* to be 'better off' on my own but I am so sick of being left behind for something better. It hurts, it hurts, it fucking hurts!"

Oh. Oh. I haven't even got any words and for me that's pretty impressive. Fucking hell.

~laughs~ I've just watched the worst film in history.

~throws things at walls~ ~breaks glasses~ ~smashes glass into side of face~ ~rakes Stanley blade over skin~

And so on. Damn, I can only do one of those in real life. ~sigh~ Oh, the hardship.

~closes eyes~ Don't. Say. It. Unless. You. MEAN IT.

asrana? You can hurt him now.

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