October 8th, 2001

(I've tried patience)

WooHoo! More music!

In amongst the other things I wanted to say the other day was this :

Another song I'd be hopelessly grateful to receive is the extraordinary "Flawless" by The Ones (nice, modest name there, guys). I've seen the video five times now, and every time it leaves me sitting staring at the screen going "What was that??" Essentially it's an 80s-based disco-type song, and the video is almost a half-and-half split between the 80s and the 90s, but half the clothes are really 70s. It's WEIRD! And COOL! And sure, the song is rubbish, but *good* rubbish. (Um.) And....and I love it. And the band members are a cool black dude, a cool dude from somewhere else, and...what looks to be an Italian guy in partial drag.
Tee hee.

In the words of Oberon : Music, ho! Music, such as charmeth sheep!

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    'Slave 4 U', Britney, 'Flawless', and 'Chop Suey' by SOAD.
(I've tried patience)

Oh, and three things else :

1) I'd forgotten how much I love Japan. Miaow, miaow miaow miaow.

2) If you're bisexual....who can I slash you with??? ~ggls helplessly~

3) And another addition to Em's RWO (so far including such diverse gems as "applied", "sweet" and "mouth" used as a verb) - a really weird one this time, for which Diana Williams is entirely responsible. It hit me in Latin this morning when we were studying a sentence and the Latin word nam came up and I went "oh". So thanks, Diana, for making the nickname of one of the most brutal wars in history into an Em turn-on. ~shakes head~ *Why*???


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    Seems to have settled into 'Chop Suey', System Of A Down.
(I've tried patience)

Another quiz! Thankyou, chiriko!

1.) Name : Emily Woolf
2.) Screen Name : Kheldara or DurAnorak.
3.) Location : School, at the minute.
4.) Birthdate : June 19th 1984.
5.) School : Roedean
6.) Height : 6'
7.) Eye Color : Blue/grey/green.
8.) Hair Color : Dark blonde.
9.) In Your Free Time : I could just have quoted chiriko here, but - reading, writing, listening, singing, dancing, talking, laughing, crying.

10.) Favorite Book : Emphatically NOT the one I'm reading at the moment. Probably actually various of the Discworlds.
11.) Favorite Gum : Apple-flavoured bubblegum.
12.) Favorite Candy : Reese's cups! And Lindt D'or, but I feel bad describing those as "candy".
13.) Favorite Car : Jags and Porsches and that wonderful one asrana doesn't remember. ~s~
14.) Favorite TV Show : ~wide eyes~ I always forget Whose Line! (Tony Slattery...mmmmh....) And TOTP2 and Never Mind The Buzzcocks and A Question Of Pop.
15.) Favorite Clothing to Wear to School : Anything that fits. ~sigh~
16.) Favorite Color : Black, purple, electric blue.
17.) Favorite Computer Font : TNR, Comic Sans MS, Burton's Nightmare and that long-term darling Lucida Blackletter.
18.) Favorite Conversation Topic : Music. Music. Music. Slash. Music. Music slash. Music.
19.) Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream : Ben & Jerry's could make anything taste good.
20.) Favorite Food : Whatever. So long as it's not particularly good for me. ~g~
21.) Favorite Guy's Name : Sebastian, Sascha, Vyvyan, Ben, Fenton.
22.) Favorite Girl's Name : Bethany, Rhiannon, Roane, Sarah.
23.) Favorite Holiday : Hallowe'en.
24.) Favorite Inside Joke : Currently, "Nick in leather trousers!" Oh, and "BUTTOCKS!" comes a close second right now.
25.) Favorite Magazine : Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, NME, Q, whatever. If it's got pretty dresses or pretty boys in and I can cut it up and stick it on my wall...
26.) Favorite Movie : Velvet Goldmine, Labyrinth, Hedwig....yadda yadda.
27.) Favorite Music Group : DURAN DURAN! To a lesser degree, Erasure, Spandau, Ultravox & John Foxx, Gary Numan, Visage, The Human League, Culture Club, ABC, Altered Images, The Associates, Blancmange.....~stops self~
28.) Favorite Piece of Clothing : My black skirt, and this skirt that I'm wearing today - black and red and great - and my mum's red velour top with feathers, and my black shirt that screams goth, and my t-shirt that was worn by Simon Le Bon I thank you very much....tee hee.
29.) Favorite Piece of Jewelry: My charm bracelet, my mirror necklace that Tash gave me, and all my earrings. I love earrings.
30.) Favorite Place to Eat : The Thai Elephant Two.
31.) Favorite Quote #1 : "Did nobody warn you, boy? Love's in vogue again..." -Japan, In Vogue
32.) Favorite Quote #2 : Right this minute it's probably "You could look like a courgette and I'd still love you. And I really don't like courgettes." You know who you are. ~ggls~ But my favourite quotes change all the time.
33.) Favorite Season : Winter?
34.) Favorite Shampoo/Conditioner : Nicky Clarke! (I know, it's just 'cause he's called Nicky.)
35.) Favorite Smiley Face : :-D
36.) Favorite Soda : ...? Coke?
37.) Favorite Song: I have so many. I think it would be safe to say my favourite now-songs that I like now are "(I'm A) Slave 4 U" by Britney Spears, "In The End" by Linkin Park, "Flawless" by The Ones, "Naïve Song" by Mirwais and "The Space Between" by The Dave Matthews Band. But that's just now-songs.
38.) Favorite Sport: Netball.
39.) Favorite Store : Anywhere they sell music. And especially any secondhand record shop.
40.) Favorite Summer Activity : Staying indoors and letting everybody else turn themselves into bacon.
41.) Favorite Toothpaste : Macleans! LOL My MAN! ROFLMAO
42.) Favorite Winter Activity : Laughing at all the people who are cold. And eating nanna's apple pies. ~hugs self~
43.) Favorite Word : Oh, eek. FAR too many to list. At random, "ethereal", "cynical", "sparkle", "shiver", "whisper", "star", "wazack" ~ggls~, "icicle", "wistful"....far far far too many to list. "glitter". "shimmer". "electric". Meh.
44.) Favorite Vacation Spot : Chicago!

45.) Absolute Best Friends of Same Sex : asrana, Tash, Tasha, Hannah, Ritchie, Val.
46.) Absolute Best Friends of Opposite Sex : Just him at the minute. ~s~
47.) Absolute Best Quality in a Friend : Definitely the ability to make me laugh.
48.) Absolute Crush : Ehh...let's say Nick. Because he's god and...he's...god. ~ggls~
49.) Absolute Person Who Knows Almost Everything About You : Has to be Tash. I think she knows more than even asrana.

50.) Best Advice Ever Given to You : "Life owes you fuck all." I don't always remember it, but it's the best advice I've ever *heard*. So thank you, Rebecca.
51.) Biggest Fear : Humiliation.
52.) Dumbest Thing You've Done : Ehh....there are many.
53.) Funniest or Most Desperate Thing You've Done to Get the Attention of Someone of the Opposite Sex : Given her flowers? Sent *her* a letter? Um...got a friend to ask him to get Y!M just so I could talk to him even though he had no clue who I was? ~ggls~ One of these three worked, too.
54.) Funniest Person You Know : All my friends are funny, or they wouldn't be my friends.
55.) Fondest Memory of You and Your Friends : Hallowe'en at Tash's, or asrana coming down and me being Nick and John and stuff, or...whatever.
56.) Nastiest Person You Know : Currently goes without saying.
57.) Silliest Thing You've Said : I don't know, but "Ert and Bernie" still cracks my mum up. ~g~ I've no idea.
58.) Scariest Thing That's Ever Happened While With Friends : Nothing scary happens to me. Getting locked in Asda. ~ggls~ 'Cause there was a bomb threat. I told you that, right?
59.) Weirdest Food You Like : Powdered tomato-and-crouton soup? Maybe?

60.) Last Book You Read By Choice : "Letters From Beyond The Grave" by Someone Who Thinks They Can Write Spooky Stories For Kids But Actually Can't. I knew it would crack me up and - guess what - it did!
61.) Last Food You Ate : Crab sticks! Yay!
62.) Last Movie You Saw : Oh, some I-see-dead-people pile of rubbish on Sky on Friday night. Hopeless.
63.) Last Phone Number You Called : asrana's.
64.) Last Show You Watched on TV : Bits of EastE while I fiddled with videos.
65.) Last Time You Kissed Someone : Today. I always kiss Ritchie. ~s~
66.) Last Time You Showered : This morning.
67.) Last Time You Thought About Someone You love : Given that he's come up in this quiz a few times....
68.) Last Words You Heard : "Emily....hello." Not very interesting, but true.
69.) Last Words You Said : "Courtney Taylor hates me! I'm off to find Chester." (I only waved back to the above greeting...)

70.) Things You Like in the Opposite Sex : Um. Sense of humour is right up there. So is *height*. (I hate it when guys are shorter than me, it makes me feel weird.) And then there's that....that....whatever-it-is that some guys have that just makes you want to...~sigh~...and they make you feel safe. (Oops, did I just describe James? I THINK SO. ((To borrow from Chiriko.)) Then again, I described someone else too, so...~g~)
71.) Things You Hate About the Opposite Sex : LOL Not enough of them are gay/pretty/amenable to wearing makeup. They have a thing about legs. Why? What the heck is so interesting about legs???
72.) Thing You Want to Be Doing Right Now : This, and talking to Tasha, and watching music TV.
73.) Thing You Get Picked On Most About : Untidiness, disorganisedity (not a word), being the School Lesbian (congratulate me!).
74.) Thing You Most Regret : Ai...writing that fscking letter.
75.) Thing You Say Way Too Much : At the moment? "To be honest".
76.) Thing You Want to Be Remembered For : Everything, darling.
77.) One Thing You Wish You Could Tell the Whole World : "I love Nick Rhodes. And Nick Rhodes loves John Taylor."
78.) One Thing You Hope You Do Before You Die : Meet Duran. It would mean the universe to me.
79.) Most Romantic Thing Someone Has Ever Done For You : ~shakes head~ No-one's ever *done* anything romantic. People say things though. ~s~

80.) Do You Have a Boyfriend or a Girlfriend? : No. ~sigh~
81.) Color Your Bedroom : White with the tiniest shade of blue.
82.) Color Socks You're Wearing : Black tights.
83.) Here's the Scenario --> You Curled Up With Someone Watching a Movie. Who is That Person? : No, I'm not. But I'm probably Nick, and so it's John.
84.) If a Movie Was Made About Your Life, What Would It Be Named? : Tee hee..."Villains In Vogue", like my future band's future second album that'll never get made.
85.) Link to Your Favorite Website : Well, you're at one of them. Also : http://www.duranduran.com and http://there.indyramp.com and http://boymeetsboy.keenspace.com and http://www.postalnauts.com (even though he hasn't tweaked it for a bit) and http://www.inthe80s.com and its friendly local add-on site http://www.amiright.com - lots of very amusing thynges to be found therein.
86.) Number of Pairs of Shoes You Own : Like, three?
87.) One Place You Want to Go Before You Die : Somewhere - anywhere - where Duran are. Preferably a Duran concert with them all there. ~gets hit by the sheer incredible wonder of it all over again and bursts into tears - yes, really~ Oh....
89.) Person You Got This From : This young lady here.
90.) Size of Your Bed : Big enough for John and Nick to snuggle in. ~s~
91.) Time and Date : 7:35pm, 8th October 2001
92.) What Did You Do or What Are Your Plans for Today? : I did school things and, er, stared in a dazed fashion at Britney's new video. Whosirmesirnosirneversir.
93.) What Do You Wanna Be When You Grow Up? : Music journalist, baby! Or go the way of the great Neil Tennant, who started out a music writer, rose to become editor of Smash Hits (I think he became editor, not sure) and *then* went on to storm the world as half of the Pet Shop Boys. Pop stardom. Yes. Please.
94.) Where is the Computer? : In the Computer Room.
95.) What Kind of Chewing Gum are You Most Likely to be Chewing When You're in Somewhere? : In "Somewhere"? Ehh...anything but the ones my mum has. Eww.
96.) Your Theme Songs : "Astradyne". I'll also go for "Plaza" by John Foxx, "Strange Little Girl" by The Stranglers and "Fame" - either the Duran or the Bowie version. Darling.
97.) Are You Glad That This is Over? : Not really. I could use another one.

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(I've tried patience)


I wish people would stop singing Staind. Even if it does have a current other favourite quote of mine :

"It's been a while since I could say that I wasn't addicted...
And it's been a while since I could say I loved myself as well as....."

I love that. But I *wish* people would stop singing the song.

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