October 6th, 2001

(I've tried patience)

Musical musings.

Ah, nothing like seven hours of pop music TV to get me in a better mood. ~is happy~ I'm sorry. I overreacted - Tasha welching on our evening out was what they refer to in France (not) as la paille dernière.

ANYway. Music. Yay! I'd like this to get read, just in case any of it's interesting, because I hate that nobody else is interested. But, y'know, it doesn't really matter. ~s~

1. I will say this first - again, about as subtle as an elephant in Bermuda shorts : Anyone who can land me a copy of "Naïve Song" by Mirwais will be rewarded with, at the very least, some very nice chocolates and a hug. I *love* the song - even more I love the video, which features a man who is presumably the singer putting on makeup in reverse while singing the song in the right direction. ~thinks~ No, you have to be there - but it's visually impressive, *and* he's wearing White Clown makeup, *and* it looks good, and the song - trance of sorts I suppose - is great. For some *highly* obscure reason, this was on MTV X-Rated last night. ??? Who knows.

2. The Dandy Warhols are (were?) a Very Cool Band. "Bohemian Like You" was on and it is a Good Song and I *think* that infamous Kurt Cobain quote should probably have gone "Courtney Taylor is the best fuck in the world."

3. Oh my god. Has anyone else heard Britney's new song? I'll be intrigued to see if she goes on waving the "All-American Virgin" flag after releasing this on the unsuspecting public. It's called "(I'm A) Slave 4 U". The title, the lyrics and some of the clothes in the video look like they've been ripped straight off Prince, but that's not to say the song isn't any good - even more than Oops! I Did It Again, even more than ...Baby One More Time, even more than Stronger, I love this song. It's brilliant. Although calling it "suggestive" would be like calling Satan "a bit of a scamp", this is a good thing, not a bad one. The video's great - there's an orgy in there somewhere, and it's not subtle either - and shows Britney looking once again impossibly sexy. This is one I'm going to be buying as soon as it's out. In the meantime, catch it on MTV Hits, The Box and KISS. And Justin Timberlake is one lucky guy.

4. Time for a section we like to call "Oh...bless." ~g~ I flicked on Smash Hits U Select and who should appear but - bless their darling hearts and their appalling haircuts - PJ and Duncan singing "Our Radio Rocks". I haven't seen anything nearly as adorable in a long time on music TV - and then music TV went and followed it up with Wet Wet Wet singing "Goodnight Girl", one of my favourite of their songs, and Take That's "Everything Changes". All of which is guaranteed to make a child of the early 90s go "oh...bless."

5. Sort of in the same category, actually. Right Said Fred - they of "I'm Too Sexy" and "Deeply Dippy" and multiple frontman appearances on Never Mind The Buzzcocks - have a new single out. It's very funny. The lyrics are here. It's been a big hit in Germany. Did I mention that it's very funny? I can't tell you how nice it is to hear Richard Fairbrass's voice again. Oh, and it's really funny, too.

6. A moment of silence, please, for the Backstreet Boys. Because I think they've had it. Their incredibly excellent "Larger Than Life" was on this morning and...well...they can't better that, and also, inspiration-wise, it had to be downhill all the way. I wound up watching LTL and feeling very sorry for them. Rest in peace, or, I suppose, rest in rehab for AJ. (No - not that sorry for them. ~g~)

7. People are right to call the Turin Brakes "the new Radiohead". I confused the two of them five times during the night. ~ggls~ That's impressive even for me.

8. Death to the Monkey Man! Ian Brown and his pretentious mumblings have been irritating me for absolutely ages, but his last single FEAR was the end for me. The overwhelmingly, gut-churningly how-clever-am-I lyrics are as follows :
For Each A Road
For Everyman A Religion
Find Everybody And Rule
(For) Everything And Rumble
Forget Everything And Remember
For Everything A Reason
Forgive Everybody And Remember
For Each A Role
For Everyman A Religion
Face Everybody And Rule
(For) Everything And Rumble
Forget Everything And Remember
For Everything A Reason
Finding Eternity Arouses Reactions
Freeing Excellence Affects Reality
Falling Empires Are Ruling
Find Earth And Reap
Fantastic Expectations Amazing Revelations
Final Execution And Resurrection
Free Expression As Revolution
Finding Everything And Realising
You got the FEAR

I think the lesson to be learned from this song is probably that Futility Exists As Rock'n'Roll. But of course, I'd never say that, because I'm not as tragic as the Monkey Man. ~g~

9. I must spare a moment to examine the incomprehensible success of O-Town. This is a band who not only have a really really stupid name (where does that come from anyway?) - although I suppose it's no worse than 'N Sync (give them vowels for Christmas!) - but are made up of these five lads : him, him, him, him (the best-looking by far), and him (gotta love that one - tee hee hee) - and still, thousands of girls drool over them and have posters of them on their walls. Now, I suppose I can't talk about odd tastes in men - Nick Beggs, for god's sake, and Limahl - but all the same...it's...incomprehensible to me.

There was more, but...I had to go home and I can't remember what it all was. So...later. Tomorrow. Yes.

Miaow. I feel so safe and loved. Thank you.

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