September 17th, 2001

(I've tried patience)


....gah. I woke up late. ~rubs eyes~

People I would like to kick just a little of the crap out of :

1. Julia's parents, for telling her she's brought shame to the family and is a worthless piece of shit just because she got bad AS results.

2. Jewel, for being...well, Jewel. Asrana knows what she said last night that fucked me off so much.

3. Some guy in Kent.

4. Amanda and Courtney Love.

5. Mrs. Metham (our headmistress) and the IT staff, who nearly banned everyone from coming here. They've already banned the Fan Fiction Directory. Gah.

6. Whoever Rufus Wainwright's ex is. ~s~ Bastard.

ANYway, it's morning, someone's playing something very lovely on the piano outside, and I have new music and only one lesson this morning. Tee hee. FREEEEEES! Maybe I will at last get to watch 80s Hour on VH-1....~prays~

~sigh~ I dreamed last night that Jewel and I had a long talk and we sorted things out. It was a very realistic dream, since things didn't go over that easily and she was mad at me and stuff, and I was thinking "at last we've got this sorted" when an elephant flew past, and I went "oh, this must be a dream then" and woke up. ~s~

I want DREAM's album!!! ~sulks~

Eep, I'm missing choir again...oh well, still have no voice, so never mind.

Why do I type faster when I'm angry?

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    'The Joy Circuit' - it's in my head! YAY!