September 15th, 2001

(I've tried patience)

New survey...thanks asrana...

(I actually did this after the above entry, but I wanted people to bother reading the above one so I've changed the time on this...)

What time is it right now?: Actually? 1:03 pm.
Full name: Emily Hannah Woolf
Nicknames: Em, Kheldara, Khel, Ems, whatever.
Birthdate: 19/06/84
So that means you're how old?: 1067.28
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Height: 6'
Eye color: Blue/grey/green
Hair color: Dark blonde
Righty or lefty: Right
Piercings: Ears
Tattoos: Nope
Birthplace: Down the road in Brighton hospital
#1 Person: The Rhodes
Hometown: Bishopstone (Homevillage, anyway)
School: Roedean (this quiz is making me talk in words of one sentence) (yes, I meant that)
GPA: Eh?
Hobbies: Music books music music books music
Screenname: Duranorak
E-mail address:
What are the last 4 digits of your phone number? I don't have a phone of my own.
Siblings (Names and ages): 2 half-brothers, both in their 30s I think, called Adam and Padmavyuha
Pets: No.
Do you know your neighbors?: Sadly, yes.
Do you have a roommate?: No.


Colors: Purple, black.
Number: 3 & 7
Book: Not sure
CD: ~thinks *hard*~ Probably Air, "Moon Safari"
Radio station: Wave 105.2
Song at the moment: ~ponders~ Sparkle and Read My Lips by Sophie Ellis-Bextor - both very dahlink songs
TV station: BBC 2. ~g~
TV show: NMTB and TOTP2, both of which I'm going to miss this week :-(
Cartoon character: Bucky! Captain Bucky O'Hare, he goes where no ordinary rabbit would dare, if your Righteous Indignation has suffered a hit, and your photon accelerator's broken a bit, and you're losing your mind and you're having a fit, get the funky fresh rabbit who can take care of it, BUCKY! ....~AHEM~ Sorry. ~g~
Movie: Hedwig en ce moment, not sure overall. Maybe The Wedding Singer.
Person to talk to online?: asrana and Rebecca
Person to talk to on the phone?: Ditto
Food: That lemon chicken from the Thai takes a LOT of beating.
Drink: Coke. ~indicates coke can beside her~ Drink of the gods.
Alcoholic drink: No, thanks, but champagne.
Class: English.
Flower: Blue Moon Rose, or a weed whose name I can't remember. It's very pretty and has little purple-pink flowers and my nan keeps pulling it up. And I love my beech trees, currently called Klaus & Dorian.
Word/Phrase: I'm using "to be honest" a lot at the moment. I love "That is *so* yesteryear" also.
Smell/Scent: Vanilla.
Actor: Eh....Bowie? LOL or perhaps whoever's playing Draco, if he's actually as good as he looks like he ought to be.
Actress: MANDANA JONES! ~faints~
Sport to watch: Ice dancing & gymnastics.
Sport to play: Netball.
Animal: Cats & snakes.
Vehicle: Battered red Fords (I grew up in them), Porsches & Jags and a car that I saw when on the road with asrana the other week. GOD I wanted that car. ~sigh~
Female friends: All my friends are my favourite friends.
Male friends: Not entirely sure I have any.
Hangout: My room, wherever it happens to be.
Summer vacation: Chicago in 94.
Pick-up line: I don't even bother trying.

Love life ( Or lack thereof )

First crush: Owen Mellor, the blond-haired, blue-eyed and eight-year-old (he was so grown up!) son of my class teacher when I was 5.
First kiss: Ask someone who knows - I certainly don't.
First Time to have sex: Not yet. (Or, alternatively, August 2000)
Single or attached?: Single?
If attached...who and for how long?: ...
Date around or tied down?: Whatever.
Ever been in love?: Many times.
If so, who and are you still?: The list has had to be modified and is still under review. Please contact our head office for further information.
Do you believe in love at first sight?: ....possibly.
Do you believe in "the one?": I believe in more than one person being able to be "the one"; is that impossible?
Describe your ideal significant other: He's gay, so that's a rotten start. ~ggls~
Describe your ideal date: Sitting in my purple room collectively enthusing about music. (Anorak? You said what? ~ggls~)
Sweetest thing that special someone has ever done for you: Jewel, last night, worrying that I wasn't going to enjoy the evening out.

Juicy stuff
(of which there will be none -Ed.)

Have you ever skinny dipped?: ~laugh~ Hardly.
If so, been caught?: ...
Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: No.
If so, when, and was it mixed company?: ...
Have you ever been intoxicated?: No.
If so, when and with who?: ...
Favorite place to be kissed?: Not at all.
Have you ever been caught "doing something?": ~cracks up~
Are you a tease?: Actually, yes.

Opposite sex ( Females fill this out )

Boxers or briefs?: Who *cares*??? I'd really rather they kept their trousers *on*, thanks.
Long or short hair?: Long.
Dark or light hair?: Don't mind, but I do like dark.
Eye color: Really don't mind. Purple would be nice.
Short or tall?: Tall.
Mr. Sensitive or Mr. Funny?: Mr. Combination-of-the-two, otherwise known as Mr. Gay-best-friend.
Good guy or bad guy?: Ideally a good guy, but they're usuallyt bad guys.
Piercings?: What, him? Oh...~faints~ ~comes round~ ~sheepish look~ Yes. Please. ~g~
Cologne: There's a Ralph Lauren one that I really like.
Snowboarders or surfers?: Aaaargh. Talk to the hand.
Greek or geek?: .....pardon?
Tan or fair?: Fair. Fair! Fair! I do NOT want some sad idiot whose only mission in life is to show off his "gorgeous bod". ~yaks~
Stubble or neatly shaven?: Neatly shaven. Stubble *hurts* (so Nick tells me....~g, d & rvvf~)
Outdoorsy or sportsy?: or NOT.
Accent or none?: Scottish...~ssssigh~
Feature you notice first: Hair.

Are you a

Wuss: Not really.
Druggy: Not at all.
Gang member: ~cracks up~ Hardly.
Daydreamer: Yes.
Alcoholic: No.
Freak: Yes.
Dork: ...not really.
Bitch/Asshole: Definitely a bitch.
Brat: Slightly.
Sarcastic: Oh, no, *never*.
Goody-goody: No.
Angel: No.
Devil: ...kinda.
Horny: Not right this second, no. ~laughs~
Friend: Yes.
Shy: Yes.
Talkative: Yes.
Adventurous: No.
Joker: Sometimes.
~deletes next question as it is an offense to humans with brains~
Call-girl: Not in my present incarnation, no.
Sporty: Not in the least.
Intelligent: Yes.
Flirty: Yes. (Apparently.)


Prettiest: May or Ritchie.
Bitchiest: Odile?
Sweetest: Tasha, asrana, Sara, May.
Smartest: Tasha, May, Hannah, Mary-Anne.
Best eyes: Tasha & May.
Best smile: May's is cool but weird, Hannah's is cute, Ritchie's makes her look beautiful.
Best hair: asrana & Odile. Oh, and Claud's got braids now and they look fab.
Best butt: Oh, Odile, definitely. ~g~ What, I'm supposed to *notice* that kind of thing? (Oh. They probably meant a guy. Right. ~ggls~)
Flirtiest: Odile, Hannah.
Bad girl: Odile, Hannah, and Ritch to an extent.
Bad guy: I know no men, senor.
Nicest: Tasha, asrana, Odile.
Cutest: asrana & Tasha.
Loudest: Odile, no contest.
Funniest: asrana, Rebecca, May.
Most dramatic: Odile.
Most sarcastic: asrana & Rebecca.
Most ballsy: Ritchie.
Most gullible: Tasha, I think. ~s~
Looks most like you: None of them do.
Go to for advice: asrana, Tasha, May, Gilly.
Have most fun with: All of them.

Future side

Occupation: Name in lights...
Dream vehicle: That car I mentioned earlier.
Marriage?: No, thanks. I'll just take the tiara.
Kids?: GOD, no.
If so, their names and how many?:
Pets?: Cats? Possibly?
Honeymoon: Nowhere.
Dream house: Where I live now.
What are you doing tomorrow?: Not a lot, I expect. Watching TV, mainly, I should think. And listening to these CDs if they're good.

Word association

Rubber gloves: Fairy liquid. ~stares~ ~has fits of uncontrollable giggles~ ~really needs to do something about this gutter that's attached to her head~
Green: grow the rushes-oh.
Wet: Wet Wet
Cry: Aerosmith. Don't ask me why. ~baffled shrug~
Peanut: Elephant
Hay: The Woodentops. ("What have we got for dinner to-day, for dinner for dinner for dinner to-day?" "All there is is sawdust and hay!" "Sawdust and hay?" "Sawdust and hay!")
Hot: cold
Cold: warm
Steamy: fanfic. ~ggls~ Honestly!
Fast: Car
Freaky: Useless American high school girls
Stick shift: Pardon??
Rain: is a song by The Cult
Bite: Me, Baby
Suck: Seven Words by The Deftones
Blow: is a film starring Johnny Depp
Hard: the previous three words
Extra long: Andrex. ~g~
Limp: Bizkit. (Duh.)
Needle: In The Camel's Eye by Brian Eno.
Oral: B
Honey: bunch
High heels: Sophie Ellis-f*cking-Bextor
Fetish: High heels (methinks this was the results of a word-association test on the author of this quiz...)
Seal: Kiss From A Rose
Napkin: Serviette, dammit!
M.D.: "We have sold but two cans or Mr. Dog..."
Pakistan: My friend Niche.
Elevator: Love In An Elevator by Aerosmith
Red: Red Wine by UB40

Random questions that are just good to ask

Memory or thing you miss most: My friends from my old school.
Memory you'd like to forget: Last night, please.
Thing you regret most: Oh, there are many.
What you did this weekend: BUGGER ALL! Yay!
Last person you talked to on the phone: ~ponders~ Probably asrana.
Last song you listened to: Melanie Blatt's solo single.
Last thing you ate: A chip.
If you could be a crayon, what color would you be?: Electric blue!
What's the weather like?: Sunny with clouds; the sea is silver.
What's right next to you?: My shopping! And a can of coke.
How do you eat an Oreo?: As part of an ice cream made by Haagen-Dazs.
Contacts or glasses?: Neither.
Who's your daddy?: ~ggls~ FRED DURST!
Do you like to dance?: Yes.
Shy to make the first move?: ...yes...?
Sleep with a stuffed animal?: No.
Stupidest thing you've ever done?: Gone out last night.
Night or day?: Night.
Are you high?: Yes! ~ggls~
Are you drunk?: On coke, yes.

Ready for the last question? No.

What are you wearing right now?: Black shoes, black socks, black trousers, snowleopardprint (ish) top, my watch, a celtic cross necklace, one dangly diamante earring and some silver glittery eyeshadow.

Sorry, I lied. This is the last question? ?

What time is it right now?: 1:42 pm

Last Words: "Bugger Bognor".

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(I've tried patience)

What *is* it about new music?

~bounce bounce bounce~
~bouncy bouncy bounce bounce~
~bounce bounce bouncy bounce~
~bounce bounce bounce~

So :

Geri Halliwell - Scream If You Wanna Go Faster (single) - I know, I know, but I loved it. Don't quite know why.

Nelly Furtado - Turn Off The Light - Don't quite know why I bought this either, but I know that one day it'll be a song that makes me think "this is quite good" rather than "oh, it's the chick with the annoying voice from that Bird song". Still glad I got it though.

Gary Numan - Telekon - I got the missing Numan album!! LOL there are loads more still to get, but at the moment all that matters is that I had the album before this and the album after this but this was the one I'd always wanted! And it's on CD, a bonus this time since it's got extra tracks and B-sides added. Fabulous songs, including the extremely Numanoid titles "Remind Me To Smile", "I Dream Of Wires", "Remember I Was Vapour" and "A Game Called Echo". Can't wait.

The Associates - Sulk - Yes, another cacophonic offering from the best band Dundee ever produced. It's the album nearest to perfect of theirs, and I enjoyed the last one so much that I thought I'd get this.

John Foxx - Metamatic - That's right, asrana, he of the Underpants! That song is on here (it's "click click drone" by the way) along with many others including "20th Century" which, apparently, I'm going to like. Thge exx-singer with Ultravoxx waxxes lyrical about cars and girls, boys and films, water and the motorway. Some lyrixx to follow later.

Also picked up I:D Magazine - darling! and some more nail varnish from Collection 2000, fast turning into its best makers, and some glitter dust from Barry M with which I am severely impressed. No Bourjois though; we decided we'd been ripped off enough for one day...

Now, I've not listened to the Foxx album yet, but I've been reading the lyric sheet and I'm so impressed I have to reprint some of them here for you. Plaza - music for electronic business men. He's A Liquid - slightly disturbing conceptual stuff, sort of performance art made lyrics. A New Kind Of Man - make up your own mind.


On the Plaza
We're dancing slowly, lit like photographs
Across the Plaza
Toward the shadow of the cenotaph

Down escalators, come to the sea view
Behind all the smoked glass no-one sees you
A familiar figure comes to meet you
I remember your face
From some shattered windscreen...

Across the Plaza
A giant hoarding of Italian cars
Across the Plaza
The lounge is occupied by seminars

Down escalators.......

From the Plaza
The highways curve in over reservoirs
On the Plaza
A queue is forming for the cinema...

Down escalators.......


He's A Liquid

He's an angle
She's a tangent
There's some flowers on the bathroom floor
He's a clicktrack
Now she makes a flashback

He's a liquid

He's a laugh
She's a graph
He wears a sticky white shirt and tie
In those viscous clothes
His watch hand glows

He's a liquid

She's elusive
He's adhesive
He's a trickle down a falling wall
They get married too much
She's a soft touch

He's a liquid

He pulls
She pushed
They read The Bible about the flood
She draws the curtains
'Cos now she's certain

He's a liquid


A New Kind Of Man

He stepped out of the film again
Brushed off the dust and walked away
The touch of a hand was fading from him
A different scene began:

A voice-over through scenes of sunrise
"It feels like someone's using my eyes"
Tinsel wind and curtains blowing
He looked down at his hands...

He was a new kind of man
He was a new kind of man
He was a new kind, a new kind of man

He feels the rain upon his face
He's young again, nineteen again
Blue hills on a distant skyline
Someone took his hand...

An underwater kind of silence
Humming of electric pylons -
"Don't forget me" fades in static -
Another scene began...

He was a new kind of man......

Transparent faces from the old school
No-one to project them onto
He drives by 1958
And someone says his name...

He waved out of the film again
He turned and he flickered and he walked away
He felt a distant kind of longing
Another scene began...

Particularly impressed/intrigued by "She's elusive/he's adhesive" in He's A Liquid and the first line of A New Kind Of Man - "He stepped out of the film again" - does that imply that he once stepped *into* the film, or that he is part of the film and has stepped out of it more than once, or...? (I don't have much to do today, as you may be able to guess.) Also the lyrics of A New Kind Of Man are very 'Look Back In Anger'-era Bowie, so I'll be interested to hear if the music has that influence too.



Darling, I wouldn't be seen dead in one.

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(I've tried patience)

You're tuned to Telekon Radio...

...and I'm your host, The DurAnorak, singer, of course, with The Numan League, the popular Electronica tribute band.

Ahem. Anyway. For those of you who don't care - most of you, I expect - I'm about to listen to the Gary Numan, Associates and John Foxx albums and say what I think of each of the tracks. And since none of you know who the heck any of these people are, or have ever heard any of the songs (this with the possible exception of asrana, who will have heard them but not remembered them), I'm guessing this won't be particularly riveting. So I'm not asking anyone to read it, I just want it down here. (Apologies for typos.)


Gary Numan : Telekon

This Wreckage

It's got such a dramatic beginning that I'm surprised it wasn't a bigger hit; the reason for that is probably the singularly obscure lyrics ("My mirror tarnished with 'no-help'...This wreckage I call me would like to frame your voice") and the wailing - it turns out this is in fact the Japanese for "I leave you", a reference to Gary's premature statements of leaving showbiz forever.

The Aircrash Bureau
Somewhat of an unfortunate title for the moment, but since this was released in 1980, one can hardly blame Gary. This begins with some distinctly Japan-influenced bass work which very much suits Gary's voice, as he went on to prove on the following album "Dance" (which this track could have slotted comfortably into). By Japan, of course, I mean the group and not the country - Numan was a fan and borrowed Mick Karn from the group for "Dance", but this seems to be all his own work. It's impressive and extremely melodic. I like this very much.

Even though this is the title track, it's hardly one of Gary's strongest songs. With some piano accompaniment reminiscent of the scariest kind of horror films, this is extremely dark, discordant and totally incomprehensible ("You end on real one." Excuse me?). It does feature one of my favourite ever lyrics though : "My dog runs AWOL, I blame you all". Sounds like Gary's lost his mind as well as his dog, to be perfectly honest.

Remind Me To Smile
A song that reminds *me* why I love Gary Numan's voice so much - it's not often in pop music you get a cockney robot singing at you. This is fabulous, a song of epic sonic proportions with excellent use of whatever that synth is that he puts to such good use on "We Are Glass". Not sure why he felt he needed the two-way-conversation in the middle of the song, but it doesn't detract too much. This is on the live album I bought recently, and I can only imagine with tears in my eyes what it must have been like live.

Sleep By Windows
Oh, my god, what a beautiful sound he's used on the beginning of this - it sounds like the synthesiser is crying. This is Gary Numan at his melodramatic best -
"But I don't love you
No I don't love you
Do you dream?

I can forsee this as one that I'll be playing on the piano in a couple of weeks. Imagine if you can a cross between "Down In The Park" and "She's Got Claws" and you're about halfway there. Wonderful. Incredible.

We Are Glass
One of my personal favourites of the songs Numan actually released, now that I can actually read the lyrics, it...ah...makes less sense than it used to. But it is still one of the best, about which I really have nothing much to say. It's catchy. It's good. Whatever.

I'm An Agent
Ouch! I had ears, you know...*had*...before Gary tried to sing too high and destroyed them for life. I don't know what he's an agent *for*, but I don't think he's doing them any favours shrieking like this. I have certainly heard worse, even from Mr. Numan, and a couple of the instrumental bits are even good (some Egyptian influences in there, followed up on "Dance"), but overall I think this should have been consigned to the "rare and unreleased" basket. Sorry.

I Dream Of Wires
It begins rather like an Erasure song or something similar; the only way I can describe it is to ask you to think of a synthesised wobbleboard. I was intrigued by the title as to what this song might be like...the answer seems to be 'subdued and surreal'. But no! Hark! The song has acquired a beat and a bass synth. Ah, well - I was sort of enjoying the quietness. Gary's singing is more than usually out-of-tune here, but given the robotic nature of both the melody(??) and the lyrics ("We drove to work by proxy/I plugged my wife in just for show") it doesn't matter very much.
The song is...odd. Not stunning, certainly not bad, just very, very weird, going off in the direction you least expect it to *when* you least expect it to. I think I'm probably quite impressed.

Remember I Was Vapour
Well, the lyric sheet for this reads like the 'let's all sing along' board at a Wombles gig, and the song itself seems to be quietly searching for its own point. "Remember I am human," Gary groans, as if in veiled apology for this song. "Remember I could end all this," he moans. Do, Gary. Please.

Please Push No More
I'm not sure what he means by the title - believe me, the lyrics don't clear it up - but the song's bearable enough, quiet piano and barely-there synth combining to make this sound like TV backing music or something similar. The instrumental parts made me smile - he has a very interesting noise on there, vaguely reminiscent of a pleading seal cub. Very sweet.

The Joy Circuit
Gary Numan does violin! I love it when he does that - not that he actually plays it or anything, but the songs he writes using violins are so great (see "Complex" from 'The Pleasure Principle' for proof) that it wouldn't matter if it were Nigel Kennedy playing it. The song's exciting and, as the title suggests, joyful, albeit in a very Gary Numanly depressive way. The only thing I'd wish for this song is that he'd shortened the slow instrumental breaks, because they make the song feel oddly disjointed. This is very, very, very good and I am very, very, very happy.

I Die : You Die
Since this was a single, I've heard it before, but it always makes me grin a lot and dance around filled with Numanoid glee. It's fantastic - from the first line "This is not love, this is not even worth a point of view" to the twinkly synths to the "We Are Glass"-like sonic enormity of the chorus to Gary's desperate-sounding vocals to the absolutely cracking synth backing to the Eno-esque ending, this is just one to *love*.

A Game Called Echo
The lyrics are some of Gary's weirdest - I'm sure you'll appreciate what an achievement that is - and this song just doesn't seem to fit together quite right, as if someone'd been assembling it with instructions in Swedish. The synthesiser interludes are classic Numan, but the verses are cheese to their chalk and more like the jerky vocals of his later work than anything else. This wasn't, of course, recorded to be included on the album (we're into extra tracks now) but it was at least recorded at the same time. Odd.

One of Gary's comparatively rare instrumentals - there really aren't as many as you'd expect - this is thoughtful and rather beautiful, even if it does appear to have Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata as its grounding.

Down In The Park (Piano Version)
Well...I probably wouldn't have recognised it. Richard Clayderman does Gary Numan. Actually, that's not being fair to this; he's woven incredibly beautiful harmonies around the original melody and this is fascinating to listen to if you've ever heard the original. We are obviously - and yes, I really do mean this - dealing with a complete genius. Quite brilliant.

Trois Gymnopedies (First Movement)
Gary, this was possibly your most bizarre concept ever. Yes - Gary Numan and his army of synthesisers take on classical composer Erik Satie, and I'm genuinely not sure who wins. It's not bad; it's probably more interesting than the original, which I like very much; it's very strange in*deed*. I've never been sure what to make of this and I'm still left in the dark. I'm not sure Satie would have approved; I'm not sure I do, either.

Well, that was Gary Numan. Onward, now, to John Foxx.

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(I've tried patience)


...I don't have time just at the minute. I got halfway through and the computer crashed, anyway. ~rolls eyes~

Two things, though :

1) This is the sound of futurism, this John Foxx album. I'm not sure I *like* it, but is.

2) Oh my god, *so much* of the song "Touch And Go" is exactly the same as "Mr. X", on the Vienna album by Ultravox...yes, for whom Mr. Foxx had been the lead singer. I wonder who stole from whom...?

Anyway, going off to watch a bit more TV and stuff before I go out to dinner tonight.

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(I've tried patience)

I love...

...many things, amongst which are John Taylor and good Sirius/Remus stories and my mum.

I found out this morning - I still can't get my head round this - that they rang yesterday to ask my mum to sing at the Last Night of the Proms (because the designated singer is stuck in the US) - and she said no, because - I really can't get my head round this - because it's tonight, and she'd already arranged to take me out to dinner tonight.

I's weird. I wasn't supposed to know. I keep wanting to cry about it. I'd so so so SO much rather she'd gone and sung.

But I can't cry any more 'cause I've already practically lost my voice, I can't sing at all at the moment, it's exasperating. ~sigh~

Duran were on VH-1...~glows~ I love it when my band are on TV...

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(I've tried patience)

Sometimes I think about tying her down and forcing her to accept my caresses...

....and then I realise what a twisted thought that is - somewhere along the lines of murderers hiding bodies in scarecrows, which seriously disturbed my mum - and shake it from my head.

Supper was...nice. Eventually. Mum's got to sing tomorrow anyway. Our friend is doing (just did?) the Proms. All is comparative joy.

But Jewel is in the common room (where I'm going) so who knows how long *that* will last...!

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(I've tried patience)


I wrote "Fred Durst" in that quiz as an answer to the question "who's your daddy?".

~buries head in hands~ I can't *believe* I wrote that.

Well, I suppose I *am* called Em...~shrug~

This post will make sense to a limited number of people only.

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