September 10th, 2001

(I've tried patience)

Two things.

1) Last night I had a dream that left me with warm fuzzies of the highest order. ~s~ I dreamed - for no known reason - that some friends of mine were taking me to watch a swimming gala in Croydon. We wandered around in the pool building for a while, and then, as we were walking down to watch the first race, some swimmers from the second race showed up and amongst them was an old schoolfriend of mine called Daniel Bull, who once (if I remember rightly) had a crushlet on me. So I said "Daniel!" and he said "Emily!" and we stood there for a moment of shall-we-hug? and then we did hug, and he was wearing one of those lumberjack plaid shirts so it was really warm and comfortable, and then he said "I'm still so sorry for telling you what I told you" - which in my dream at least was that he had a crushlet on me - and I said "Oh, Daniel, that's all right" and we hugged more and more and LOTS more, and then I had to go and so did he, but we promised to meet up after the gala. But then I woke up. I woke up slowly, with that thought process that goes "hang on, I'm waking up. That means this is a dream. Oh. Bother."
But I had warm fuzzies for hours. ~s~

2) I still can't get over the shock. Steve Strange was on Never Mind The Buzzcocks. I can't believe it. He looked great And I can't believe *that*, either, because the last time I saw him he looked, to quote Tallulah, as though he'd been Tangoed. But he'd dandyfied himself up for this show and he looked *wonderful*. I am so so very happy for him.

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