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I've made A Decision...

...I make it sound so serious, don't I? ~g~
I'm buying the Sisters' Greatest Hits, because it's on sale in HMV at the moment and...I really, really want it.
I turned on the TV after I was here last, and 'This Corrosion' was playing, and I just thought...they're *good*. Clichéd, but good. So why shouldn't I get their CD?
The answer, of course, is that I then won't be able to buy anything at all until next month - but music's more important, and anyway, I don't really care terribly much about anything that's happening over the next few weeks. Oh, I did, I know, but there's no point hoping for something that's going to either not happen or be a complete disaster, now, is there?

So. Yes. One Sisters Of Mercy CD coming up. Joy.

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